Fortnite Xbox Live Gold Bundle + Winter Royale (EU) winner

Fortnite Xbox Live

Here’s all the information you need to know about the Fortnite Winter Royale and Xbox Live Gold bundle.

Fortnite Xbox Live Gold Bundle + Winter Royale (EU) winner.

The ultimate value bundle is out for  Fortnite Xbox users. The Fortnite Xbox Live Gold Bundle gets you 3 months of subscription + 1000 vbucks for $9.99 .

Yes! the math that just went though your head is correct. You basically buy the season pass for the next season for 900 Vbucks as well as online access to play Xbox Live gold games (Including fortnite itself).

Benefits of this 9.99$ bundle in short

  • Full access to play the game for 3 months (Ideally a full season)
  • 1000 Vbucks (Season pass ideally costs 900 Vbucks)
  • Includes Xbox live Gold access, allowing you to play any games  from the Xbox Gold games lists.
Fortnite Xbox Live Gold Bundle

The question is who does not have an Xbox Live subscription in 2018? It’s holiday season, there is a new kid somewhere out there who is going to unwrap an Xbox and why not start them up with Fortnite. Forbes last reported there are now 200 million registered Fortnite players. Back in June that number was 125 million.

As we can see the numbers keep climbing so this is to no surprise that Microsoft and Sony will continue their Fortnite pushes as the game continues to dominate world wide.

Christmas fever has truly begun, I’m sure other companies are going to be throwing discounts all over the place in the coming weeks as well. For now, this is a great start.

EU Winter Royale Player Crowned

Congrats to Clément “Skite” Danglot on winning the European edition of Fortnite’s ongoing winter royale tournament. The 19 year was able to clutch up and and put on a show like no other player so far.

Skite had qualified for the winter royale tournament with a solid 42 points, outscoring a lot of big name streamers including Tfue and Ninja. What’s even more glorifying is that he outscored the top north american player by one point.

On the final round of the tournament, Skite secured the top spot with 10 points and a huge prize money of $75,000.

Other notable was Ghost Issa, who locked down 4th overall and won the first match. A truly amazing placing for the controller player. We last reported how there is only one true console player competing for in the NA finals.

The NA Grand finals is scheduled for December 12th 2018.


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