Fortnite v7.20 Breakdown

fortnite update v7.20 patch notes item breakdown everything you need to know
Image source: Epic Games

Fortnite v7.20 update has a ton of new changes from weapons to cosmetics. Here is a detailed breakdown of all major changes.

Epic Games is taking big action with the 7.20 update. There has been many concerns over the state of the game, primarily with zipline bugs. Most of the Pro Player base is calling for Ranked Play, however this was not added with the current update. Fortnite v7.20 update addresses some of the major issues regarding gameplay. Here is a breakdown of update 7.20 in order of importance.

Glider Redeploy Item
fortnite glider redeploy update v7.20
source: Epic Games

Fortnite fans had mixed emotions about the redeploy option as it completely changes the meta of amateur and pro events. The Glider is back while this time around will occupying an inventory slot. The redeploy glider comes with 10 charges with a blue rarity tag. The Redeploy Item does not burn a charge when a player is using a Launch Pads or Rifts-to-Go. This item will make the planes a little bit less valuable in the long run. The addition of redeploy is yet another step Epic has taken to help players counter plane attacks by nullifying fall damage. Expect higher builds and hijacks should a plane fly lower to the ground. Redeploy is a perfect mid game item to counter 3rd party and plane build knockdowns. The 10 charge is a little heavy for such an OP item.

Scoped Revolver
fortnite scoped revolver update v7.20
source: Epic Games

A major surprise with the Fortnite v7.20 is the addition of the Scoped Revolver. The majority players feel that it is too OP because of its fire rate. The 6 bullet chamber can be emptied in under 10 seconds. The gun has a high recoil kickback and comes in Epic and Legendary variants. It uses Medium ammo, which is interesting as many speculated the revolver would carry heavy bullets.  Damage is set at 42 for Epic and 44 for the Legendary the variant, somewhat on the lower end. Once the new item craze settles, expect the pro to carry a Deagle instead of the revolver. This scoped revolver had been floating around Reddit over 10 months ago while a contributor created a prototype that looks exactly the same.

Major Weapon and Item Changes
fortnite minigun update v7.20
source: Epic Games

Surprisingly the v7.20 update has nerfed the minigun.  The Minigun wind-up time is now reduced by %37 an now contains an overheating mechanism matching the ground turrets and plane turrets. The overheating makes sense giving players a chance to escape while being spammed. But the %37 wind-up time drop is a strange change because of how the slow the gun was to begin with.

Expect more Balloons and Stink Bomb spread across the map as their status has changed from Epic to Rare

Scoped AR change from Rare/Epic to Uncommon/Rare. Scoped AR is primarily used by console players, with the change probably occurring with addition of the suppressed sniper rifle and scoped revolver. There are now 6 weapons that have scopes, the highest Fortnite has ever had. (Thermal, AR, Bolt, Heavy, Scoped Revolver, Suppressed Sniper). This nerf can be a sign of the Scoped AR being vaulted, as the semi-auto sniper had the change drop before being vaulted.

The following weapons now have the same projectile trajectory as the Heavy Sniper Rifle: Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, Hunting Rifle. The reticle center dot on Scoped Rifles has been reduced in size.

Small shields max stack size is decreased from 10 to 6. Another strange change with max stack size jumping from 6 to 10 during season 6.

Small Changes

Trap Rarity Changes

Traps are one of the major items in the meta right now. The players love to trap another player and get the elimination. Although it is hard to pull off.

  • Trap drop chance adjustments
  • Total drop chance of Traps from floor loot increased from 3.98% to 4.73%.

Cozy Campfire

  • Drop chance from floor loot increased from 0.26% to 0.73%.
  • Drop chance from Loot Llamas increased from 6.63% to 15.47%.

Launch Pad

  • Drop chance from floor loot increased from 0.53% to 0.98%.
  • Drop chance from Loot Llamas increased from 13.25% to 20.77%.

Mounted Turret

  • Drop chance from floor loot decreased from 0.8% to 0.73%.
  • Drop chance from Loot Llamas decreased from 20.42% to 15.47%.
Game Play Changes

The most anticipated change of Fortnite v7.20 update is when a plane explodes the players will take damage to shields. Above all editing, a structure will now begin without waiting for a response from the server.

The issues with ziplines are fixed, players will no longer fly around when the animation breaks or no longer fall when the player bumps a building.

Creative Mode Changes

Addition of one new Island and one new theme.

Frosty Fortress
A brand new arctic island debuts in Creative! Bundle up, drop in, and bring your vision to life.
Events and Tournaments 
Epic Games are finally working on in-game tournaments. Fortnite v7.20 update was expected to change event play, however, the changes will be rolled out slowly. There will be a lot of testing before the new backend is live. This means there may not be another major tournament for some time and the Ranked Play might be off the table as well.
  • Tournament systems have been significantly updated to support upcoming features. Operating a series of small scale test events as  they test these updates with more players.
  • Testing in waves until they are confident with the new functionality. At that point, they will begin running tournaments regularly for all players.
  • Older tournaments will be removed from the Events tab on Switch & mobile devices for the time being.
  • Data for those tournaments has been saved and will return to those platforms in a future release.
  • Players will be automatically removed the match after 60 seconds of spectating after being eliminated.

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