Fortnite v7.10 Breakdown [Update #3]

fortnite season 7 patch v7-10 update 3 weapon and item changes
source: Epic Games

Fortnite v7.10 update #3 has a ton of great changes. We take a look and breakdown the main topics everyone has been waiting for.

This article covers the first changes of Season 7. For up to date map and content breakdowns read the Fortnite v7.20 Update Breakdown

Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is taking a different route than normal for the v7.10 update. The update is compiled into 3 parts with this 3rd part being highly anticipated by the community. Let’s take a look at the major items in order of importance and what gamers have been waiting for.

Fortnite v7.10: Gameplay Changes to X-4 Stormwing Plane

The Fortnite community wanted the nerf and they received it. With the following changes it is very clear that Epic wants to cut down on Planes bringing down builds and structures. Not only is the colliding damage up 50% but machinegun spread is now up 75% with only a 25% decrease in impact damage while boosting through structures. This recipe helps a player stand a very good chance when facing a plane 1v1.

Knockback damage is now down 70% so planes colliding directly into players should not impact ground fighting once a player ejects. These percentage changes are enormous for a single update. The Fortnite community is getting what they wanted.

fortnite plane x4 stormwing nerfed with update 7-10 3
source: epic games
  • The knockback a player receives after being hit by a Stormwing has been decreased by 70%.
  • Damage done to the Stormwing from colliding with structures has been increased by 50%.
  • Impact damage reduction while boosting through structures reduced from 50% to 25%
  • Increased the spread of the Stormwing machine gun by 75%.
  • Stormwing spawn chance has been decreased to 80% from 100%.
Weapons and Items 

Many pros have taken to Twitter to also complain about Dynamite and boomboxes. Epic responds by lowering the drop rates for both items. The boombox has not been around long enough, however a 33% decrease in less then a month is a huge change. The major problem with dynamite was the proximity of the drops. Too often players could find bundles in very close proximity, making it very common to have 9 stacks. The dynamite reduction makes perfect sense.

fortnite nerfed items dynamite and boombox fortnite v7-10 update 3
Source: Epic Games

Dynamite adjustments:

  • Dynamite drop rate reduced by 40%.

Boombox adjustments:

  • Drop rate reduced by 33%.
  • Health reduced from 600 to 400.
  • Duration reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds.

FaZe Cloak is one of the first pros to complain how irrelevant the grey burst is in the game. Ask and you shall receive, with all 3 variants hitting the vault. Both Famas remain in the game for now, however it will be interesting to see if there will be an increase in SMG drops or Grey AR to replace the missing burst. Fortnite players have mixed emotions regarding the vaulting of the bursts. It’s either you love it or hate it.

It is nice to see the dual pistols back in the game and the six shooter hit the shelf. The six shooter has a western theme to it and with Season 6 gone so is the six shooter. Dual pistols are excellent weapons to bring down stairs and builds and are much more popular then the six shooter has been. Both moves by Epic make perfect sense.  Here is the list of weapon and item changes:

  • Six Shooter has been vaulted.
  • The following variants of the Burst Assault Rifle have been vaulted: Uncommon, Common, Rare
  • Dual Pistols have been unvaulted.
Suppressed Sniper Rifle

The weapon was leaked and as expected, is included with the Fortnite V7.10 #3 update. The description says: “Trade power for stealth with the Suppressed Sniper Rifle. Drop in now and sneak up on your enemies!”

The suppressed sniper riffle will be popular for the first couple of weeks and fade like the semi auto sniper did. The real question will be how long and what drop rate will Epic decide fits best. This might take some time before players get answers.

Fortnite Suppressed Sniper Rifle damage 100 105
source: Epic Games
  • Suppressed Sniper Rifle added.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
  • Find in chests, floor loot, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops.
  • A single shot, scoped sniper rifle.
  • The suppressor makes for a quieter shot, trading stealth for power.
  • Deals 100/105 base damage
The Block

The new addition of the block is here. The Epic statement says “Drop to The Block and explore the newest community creation! Bounce around in the DM Arena made by KojackNumber2”.

All Fortnite community members who put in hours of work creating and submitting their designs deserve much respect. However, this seems like Epic was on vacation for 2 weeks and randomly chose a submissions. This is the 3rd Block edition and by far the worst of them. The corner of the map is sure to be a dead zone until the next block update. This piece or art is high walls, bounce pads, no movement, all metal and pretty much boring unless you decide to get creative with some friends.

The best part of the new Block is finding boomboxes to try and destroy it.

fortnite block dm arena by KojackNumber2
Source: epic Game
Limited Time Modes

Limited Time Modes or LTM’s are extending for another week. The Fortnite v7.10 update #3 brings another week of amazing game modes like we have seen in the ”14 Days of Fortnite” during Christmas. Although there have been many changes with the new update, let’s see how the player base responds and what is next on their hit list. All official patch notes can be read  here.

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