Fortnite v7.10 Update Map Changes and Leaks

Fortnite season 7 map change full snow

There are some new changes coming to Fortnite after the Fortnite v7.10 update.

This article covers the first changes of Season 7. For up to date map and content breakdowns read the Fortnite v7.20 Update Breakdown

The update has fixed many problems within the game that has loomed since the beginning of Season 7. Most of the issues are being addressed with this update. Let’s take a look at those changes.

Map Changes

The ice continues to melt and Fortnite players now have access to the throne room on the Polar Peaks. The castle on the Polar Peak is nearly snow free. The throne room looks gorgeous. The seat is amazing and the ice that is behind it looks awesome.

HOT: Fortnite Ice Castle dungeon is melting

Retail Row gets another fast food chain across Durr Burger the famous Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit. Durr Burger in Greasy Grove was closed due to health issues, believed it was sabotaged by Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit. The other location of the Durr Burger was destroyed with the addition of  The Block. Now we have another competition in Retail Row with the Fortnite v.7.10 update.

Lucky Landing gets a restaurant named simply Dumpling. The restaurant is in front of the middle garden in Lucky Landing. The logo is a huge mean looking dumpling.

There might be a New Year event and Firework event also.

Full snow map might be coming also. But we have no idea how they will implement this change.


Trio mode might be coming back to Fortnite Battle Royale. People have been asking for this for a very long time It might be coming very soon. We all know that Fortnite currently has solo, duos and squad(4 people) modes only. However, some data miners found that Epic Games might be implementing 3 people squads to the games. Which is amazing for players who could not find the 4 th person to play with.

Skin Leaks

With the new Fortnite v7.10 update; there are new changes to the game files of course. Some skins can be said to be the reworks of the old skins but some of them are completely new. The skins include Frozen Raven that is the frozen version of the Legendary skin Raven. A matching back bling is coming for the Frozen Raven skin also. The infamous Season 2 skin Red Knight is also getting a rework for this season and become the Frozen Red Knight.

new fortnite cosmetics

There is a new snowball toy also discovered in the files.

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