How to Execute A Fortnite Trap Tower To Perfection

Fortnite Trap Tower trick how to use and get fortnite trap kills
Source: Epic Games

In a final 1v1 situation, there is no better feeling then clutching a battle royale win with a high IQ play like a trap tower

SypherPK shows exactly how to make and use a Fortnite trap tower as bait and lure an opponent inside of it. All that is needed is a panicked opponent outside of the storm circle and a little luck.

How SypherPK does it?

Obviously, SypherPK did notice that his foe is somewhat a beginner because of how he is being sprayed with random bullets in his direction. While this trick can work at any point during a game, typically you are better off trying it while the circle is tight and you have enough trap inventory and at least one launch pad.

In this case, SypherPK has the materials to quickly build himself a 6-level 1 by 1. From the very top, he edits and brakes all floors to reach the very bottom. The last two layers at the very top of the tower is where you place 4 traps. At the base of the tower, place a jump-pad.

In this example, the opponent does hear the traps being placed but Sypher still gets him to use the launch pad.

This happens primarily when the storm is in its final stages and you find an opponent panicking to get back into the circle. Once they see you use the pad, thinking you are using it to jump back into the circle, they will surely follow.

Here is a look at his tower trap trick :

Jumping around and making your opponents miss shots for a minute is often how players troll the last opponent. But setting up layers of structures and hiding traps in them is the way streamers get the fans to keep coming back.

If you have the inventory and you know your last opponent is a weaker player, then this is a very satisfying way to clutch a win.

SypherPK  and Nick Eh 30 are two of the more creative pros who attempt these kind of tricks and traps.

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