Why Fortnite Summer Smash Is Great For Australia

Fortnite Australia tournament Summer Smash Is Great for the country
source: Tennis Australia

The Fortnite Summer Smash is more then just the Pro-Am duos event, its a great opportunity for Australian Fortnite amateurs to make an impact 

Australian Open, the first of tennis’s four Grand Slam tournaments. The best tennis players in the world compete for the prestigious Norman Brookes Challenge and Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cups. This year’s Australian open is hosting its first Fortnite tournament on Sunday January 27th at Margaret Court Arena.

Although most Fortnite fans are aware of popular entertainers such as, DrLupo, Lachlan and Muselk, competing in a duos pro-am tournament for charity, it’s the amateur solo event that is the real highlight of the day.

Australia gets what it deserves

Epic has been very active with its tournament schedule. Both Fall and Summer Skirmish series were huge hits. However, both series only included a North American and European series. Epic then announced its first major online tournament in November 2018 called the Winter Royale. The tournament was eligible to any player aged 16 and over, splitting the tournament in two events; North America and Europe.

Where is Australia in all of this?
fortnite pro am ninja
source: E3 Ninja/Marshmellow 2018 ProAm Winners

Fortnite’s popularity in Australia and New Zealand is booming. Although an online version of a tournament is a far cry, Australia has yet to host any type of Fortnite tournament.  Over 80 major Fortnite tournaments with the Summer Smash being a first Aussie soil.

Amateur Fortnite Summer Smash

Tennis Australia has taken charge to produce and operate a huge tournament during the conclusion of the Australian open. With popular sports and gaming entertainers taking part in a pro-am duo event, its the amateur solo tournament that will highlight the event.

Unlike the usual Fortnite events, where players are chosen on an invitation basis. The Summer Smash solo event is an open registration, with 500 players being selected to participate.

There will be 5 groups of 100 with the top 20 of each group facing off for the finals on Sunday. The scoring format remains standard tourney rules with a total prize sitting at over $185,000, with first place taking home $100,000. This is a hefty first place total considering the top spot in the Winter Royale was only $75,000.


Although many of the pro Fortnite players attending the tournament have been flooding social media. This tournament is really about Australia and finding the next hidden gem. The amateur Fortnite player who has not had the chance or opportunity to showcase his skills in a major event. This is exactly what Australia needs and deserves. Hopefully new talent will arise and Epic will grow from this tournament and continue its support for the million of Fortnite fans Down Under.

How To Watch Online

As usual, a Twitch channel hosting the tournament can be seen here: https://www.twitch.tv/ausopentennis 

Good luck to all Amateurs participating, this is your chance to get your name and country noticed in front of the world. Tickets are available online at ticketek.

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