Fortnite The End Event Numbers Explained

Fortnite The End Event Numbers Explained
  • Fortnite just had it’s The End event, and the Battle Royale is no more. Or is it? Here are the Fortnite Numbers explained.

Of course, Fortnite is probably still the biggest game in our planet. Even though their popularity was going down Epic Games is trying to change the tables. Most probably the game will be getting a new map. Hopefully, we will be getting a new map. But at the end of The End event in Fortnite, we have seen some numbers going around in a circle. Of course, this was a message and players try to break it down. According to what we have seen that indeed it was a coded message and the message is coming from The Visitor.  The code was easy to solve and we have seen it was the words of Visitor and the numbers were correspondent. The first set numbers were 11,146,15, 62, 87, 14, 106, 2, 150. It means, for example, the 11th word of the Visitor.

Probably the part where visitor says “I was not alone” means us as players. Also, “Others were outside the loop”,his sentence probably means that some players survived.

Of course, Fortnite getting a new map is a  dream come true. Hopefully, we will be getting a new map with this Season. There’s a complete blackout on every Fortnite related thing because of how The End event took place. Epic Games need this to happen without any doubt. Of course, this does not mean that the new map is going to come and everything is going to be okay. However, Fortnite is in dire need of something new to make the fans happy.

Their biggest competitors such as Apex Legends already came up with a new map and Apex has not been around for more than 1 year. Of course, we have seen that. Epic is changing and updating its map constantly. However, players want new places, not updated places. They don’t want the same hill that they’re climbing all the time. They don’t want the same tree that they’re hiding all the time. Players want a new map completely new.

We do hope that Epic Games will listen to their player base. And hopefully, we will be getting a new map in the new and improved gameplay. See you after the Blackout.

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