Time is ticking – Fortnite storm event countdown begins

fortnite season 7 storm event countdown

Fortnite Battle Royale has a storm event with the Ice King Sphere changed and tv countdowns underway.

Fortnite Battle Royale is Ice King’s story is heating up. Season 7 has already had many interesting twists with the Ice Biome addition and primal themes. Roughly one-third of the map is covered in ice and snow. As time passes in Season 7, the Polar Peak, where the infamous Infinity Blade was located,  is starting to melt. After the New Year, Fortnite fans were expecting what might happen maybe when the Ice melts away. However, Epic Games had another idea “Fortnite Storm Event”.

Early Signs

TV’s around the map started to show Weather warnings like it would for an incoming storm. The TVs had a timer countdown for 2 days. 24 hours later, storm clouds started to gather around and we noticed the Ice King had a sort of clock around the Sphere. Tv clocks are now counting down in realtime.

fortnite season 7 ice king sphere

What to expect

Most believe the change to expect is the map being entirely covered in snow. Since the 7.20 patch, many non-snow locations are now filled with ice machines in trucks.

fortnite season 7 ice trucks

What time is this happening?

January 19th, 7pm GMT – Here is a website to find your city time: Time Zone Converter

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