Fortnite shines At The Gamers Choice Awards

Fortnite shines At The Gamers choice awards CBS 2018 Esports

Fortnite shines At The Gamers choice awards

CBS hosted The Gamers Choice Awards over the weekend. Fortnite once again stood out battling stiff competition in a lot of categories and grabbing multiple awards in the multiplayer genre.

This was CBS’s debut game award event and a wide range of categories were included. Fortnite manage to creep its way into a “esports “as well as other “gameplay” nominations.The stand-out headlines would be that fortnite was named the “Fans favorite game of the year”. This is the award should be most proud about.

Apart from the Fans Favorite Game, other “Fan favorite” titles that fortnite won are best multiplayer game, best Esports game, best Battle Royale game and best Esports league format.

The most interesting award from that list would be the award for the best Esports League format. Fortnite’s community skrimishes have been given the recognition of the best competitive format for a video game. That’s major! Congrats to Epic on being the Kings of competition. No one saw that coming!

Fan Favorite

@timthetatman won fans favorite make gamer of the year award. He even received a shoutout from Ninja for his achievement. Ninja himself bagged a lot of awards, including one with Drake for “Fans Favorite Gaming moment”

The official awards website, has reported that 2,184,197 votes were cast for the Game Choice Awards. With viewers turning up in millions, Is 2018 the year when the gaming bubble finally exploded into global level?

The more number of such awards shows motivates developers and gaming companies to “up” their level of game development. Now, companies have to make sure that they show up in such event showcase their updates and announcements.

This isn’t the first award show Fortnite has been making it’s presence felt. Through out this year (including last week), Fortnite has been able to make big news at various events. For a “free to play” Battle Royale game, Epic has managed make this game a world wide phenomenon.

Brand exposure has now become a major element in all of these award shows. Sweep one such award show in a year and get your games sold in the millions. This year clearly is an “EPIC” year.

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