Fortnite Season 9 Second Teaser Image. Possibility of a New Map?

Fortnite Season 9 Second Teaser Image. Possibility of a New Map
Epic Games

Epic Games released it’s Fortnite Season 9-second teaser image. What is Epic Games trying to tell us? Find out below.

Fortnite Season 9 Second Teaser Image

Fortnite Season 9 is getting teased by Epic Games as they traditionally do leading to new season releases. Epic Games are different from other gaming companies in the sense that they like to create build-up for their player base by releasing several images before every season. As always, there are several hidden secrets with every teaser Image. These clues are done to get a reaction from players, as well as give them some insight about the new season. Last season, we have seen serpents and some tropical beaches together when the teaser images were released. However, this time something else is coming aboard something new.

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 will start May 9, 2019. We already have the second picture, thus, there will be one more picture left before this Thursday. The second teaser image has a female character. On top of it, the word E is available. The motto is ” The future is bright”. Now considering the character it looks futuristic, what could possibly be going on here?

Secondly, the letters are forming a NE. There will be another image coming shortly. So what if that picture has a W in it. That will form the word NEW. But the major question is, what could be new? Let us do a little brainstorming here. If the “new” would be a new Fortnite map, this could answer a majority of players, including popular streamers that have asked for a brand new map.

This is purely speculation, and we have no data for it but that would be something truly amazing. It would definitely fit with the new season’s moto; The Future is Bright.  Fortnite would be an entirely different game if a new map was to be added. Many players would return to the game and Fortnite will reign for another year. But something this big would be very hard to conceal until now. We’re definitely wishing that it is something that can excite players, and a new map would be huge.

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