Fortnite Season 8 Volcano Guide

Fortnite Season 8 Volcano Guide

The Fortnite Volcano undoubtedly holds many mysteries and secrets, here is a complete Volcano guide with everything you need to know.

Fortnite Season 8 Pirate theme comes with the addition of a new volcano that has completely revamped the North East side of the map. Although the Ice Biome remains for now, placing both maps side by side shows how much change is occurring for the start of Season 8.

Map changes fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8 to revolve around the Volcano

Although new locations and items have been added, there is no doubt the new volcano is the most intriguing. Sitting on the complete opposite side of Polar Peak, a king’s thrown is located inside the main entrance. A possible sign of a future event or map changes originating from it. Here is a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about  the Volcano.

Volcano Entrances

With V8.00, there are currently 4 entrances into the Volcano. Because it’s lava seems very active, there is no telling if more fissures or entrances will form as Season 8 moves forward. (99% sure things will change).

The Main entrance, sits on the south side, where lava is flowing out, running its way down under the bridge. The Fire King’s thrown shows perfectly aligned with the main entrance.

Fortnite Volcano entrance South Side
South Side Main Entrance with Fire King Thrown

Two smaller entrances can be found, and glided into, on the East and West side of the Volcano.

Fortnite Volcano Side entrances
East and West Volcano Entrances

Finally, the top entrance of the Volcano, which needs to be push glided into.

Fortnite Volcano Top Entrance
Top Entrance View of Volcano
Volcano Loot and Chest Locations

Numerous loot can be found spread around the outskirts of the volcano. However, there is a maximum of 9 chests that can be found at the entrances and inside the actual volcano.

The top of the volcano has a platform directly at the entrance of its main vent. There is total of 2 chests that can be found at this location.

Fortnite Volcano Chest Locations Top Vent
Top Vent 2 Chests

Inside the Volcano a total of 7 chests can be found. 2 chests on each side of the Volcano and 3 at the King’s throne.

chests inside volcano on left side
Maximum of 2 chests at this location
chests inside volcano on right side
2 more chests located on right side

The King’s Throne can contain a maximum of 3 chests

Fortnite Volcano Fire King Throne
A maximum of 3 chests at the Fire King Throne
Serpent Eggs

Two serpent eggs can be found at the sides of the fire king’s throne. During the Fortnite Season 8 teaser period, Epic clearly shows a snake like serpent and used slogans stating that a creature lurks. The mysterious eggs were also found in the dungeon of Polar Peak. The eggs contain the exact same serpent meshing as the ones found at Polar Peak.

Mysterious Serpent Eggs in Fortnite Volcano
Egg with Serpent or snake mesh

Although nothing is confirmed, there is no doubt that Season 8 will see a clash of both, Ice and Fire Kings. Their thrones are shown below.

Comparing Fortnite Fire King and Ice King thrones
Comparing Both Thrones
Volcano Lava Flow

With Fortnite Season 8’s first update comes with only one fissure that is spewing lava. The south side entrance has lava running south, ending right under the bridge below where Tomato Temple once stood.

Laval flows under the bridge
direction of first Season 8 lava flow
lava ends under tomato temple
Laval Ends directly under Tomato Temple

The remaining Temple is located directly above where the volcano lava ends:

Tomato Temple Fortnite Season 8
First Laval of Season 8 stops below the Temple
Next Season 8 Map Changes

There is zero chance that a whole Fortnite season will go by with no in-season changes. There are 2 other side fissures to the current Volcano and lava is halted under tomato temple. The current lava trajectory is heading north, in the direction of the new Lazy Lagoon.

It’s important to keep track of a new map from the start of a season to help determine what changes can be expected later on. As the map continues to evolve, it is sometimes important to fall back of how the map looked when first released. This is the first version of Season’s 8 Volcano.

Only time will tell what new changes are in store for all Fortnite fans, Game Life will continue to update you as major events unfold.

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