Fortnite Scoped Revolver Seen on Reddit Months Ago

fortnite scope revolver and hand canon prototype
source: Epic Games/ Reddit jakinatorctc

Fortnite Battle Royale players are waiting for the patch v7.20 with a long list of bug fixes, a driftboard addition and a new Scoped Revolver.

When Fortnite Battle Royale started out there were very few weapon and changes. Finding a SCAR would be the highlight of the game while most players being content with a green Assault Rifle. The current weapon balance continues to change as items are added and vaulted on a monthly basis.

However Fortnite weapon options are very different than your big  name games.  A perfect example, PUBG , depends much more on attachments to guns while finding the right scope for a different scenerios. Fortnite, on the other hand, is unique with no attachments needed. This the player is never searching for extended magazine or a muzzle break. This creates many different options for the perfect loadout.

Reddit Design of scoped revolver prototype months ago

Reddit contributor Jakinatorctc designed a scoped revolver over 10 months ago, after the Hand Canon was added into BR. It looks like Epic took some time but has matched the design almost identically. The new handgun set to make its debut with patch v7.20

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scoped handgun revolver fortnite protoype
source: u/jakinatorctc

There is no confirmations if the new scoped revolver will have the same scope as other guns. The majority of the Fortnite player base is asking “Why?” Besides headlining some ”cool clips” the gun will be virtually inefficient. Popular tactical FPS game Rainbow Six Siege implemented the same gun, while after only 2 weeks the Scoped Revolver received a significant nerf.

Deagle Status

The major concern about the new scoped revolver is what hand gun will be hitting the vault. Many fans are stating the end of the Deagle is near. However, the original hand cannon remains a favorite weapon for most pros, while being one of the more popular weapons in the game.

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