Fortnite Scar Replica Full Size Prop Machine Gun

Fortnite Scar Replica Full Size Prop Machine Gun Epic Game 2
  • Fortnite is still one of the most popular games in the world, and fans have been creating all types of replicas from the game. Here is a fan-made Fortnite Scar life size replica.

Fortnite Scar Replica Full Size Prop Machine Gun

Ever since 3D printers made it into residential homes, we’ve seen an influx of incredible print jobs pop up on the net. From movie and video game replicas, there’s some amazing pieces of work. Fortnite is no exception to the rule as there are tons of props printed from the game. One of those print jobs is the Fortnite Scar replica. A few fans have 3D printed the legendary Fortnite Battle Royal Scar/ Seigebreaker Replica. Some fans just print them to create a Fortnite prop collection while others do it for monetary gain. Some sellers have even created stores on popular sites like Etsy and eBay to sell these replicas.

How are the Fortnite Scar’s made?

So how does 3D printing work? And how does the final product look like? There’s no video on printing the Fortnite Scar Replica, however, here’s a quick video on what a 3D printing process typically looks like:

The SCAR goes through a similar process as in the video. First, the Fortnite Scar replica is printed in separate parts, one at a time. Once everything is cooled down, the SCAR parts are then glued together. After being assembled, Bondo and filler primer is used to fill in the lines left from being printed in multiple parts. After everything is sanded down smooth, Its painted to the color of your choosing. 3D printers are not at the point where they can color-code each part or area, however, I think that’s the next step in 3D printing.

So there’s still a bit of work to be done in the whole process as well as sanding down areas to give a more accurate look for the Fortnite SCAR replica. 3D Printed and hand-painted full-sized replica great as a costume accessory or cosplay prop.

Details of the Life-Sized Scar

One of the Fortnite Scar weapons we found online had a total length of 31 inches long, and in the example, the fan had painted the Scar a nice light yellow to give the gun a cartoon-like appearance (just like in Fortnite Battle Royale). The SCAR is printed to a 1:1 ratio, and the details are dead on. The fan who created the one below even created a nice display stand for the rifle.

Fortnite Scar replicas like the one below go for roughly $100 (without the stand).

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