Fortnite Retail Row Shop Launched

fortnite retail row shop official fortnite merchandise
source: Epic Game

Fortnite Battle Royale developers Epic Games announced their Online Shop called Retail Row this is why you should buy from them

The merch shop that is in demand by millions of Fortnite players is finally here. There have been knockoff sites on the Asian market for almost 2 years now so this is great news to finally get an official shop.

Even though the game itself is free and is destroying the financial reports with micro-transactions, gaming companies are now starting to change their approach. For example, not selling a seasonal pass like Battlefield V or dropping the price like the newly announced Far Cry: New Dawn game.

What’s in the online shop

For now, the Retail Row shop is primarily a merch store with reasonable pricing. The shop mostly consists of t-shirts featuring well-known game characters. The skull trooper T looks amazing. The Retail Row shop has two locations, for now, one in Europe and the other one for the US(which also ships to Asia/Pacific). Customers can only pre-order and the items will be shipped in late January 2019. There is a limit of two pieces per customer.

Fortnite skull trooper tshirt retail row shop
Source: Epic Games

The Skull onsie at 70 dollars is the most expensive item in the Retail Row for now. All of the t-shirts cost the same at 25 dollars. So far there is only 14 items in the store, which is not so enticing. Shipping starts in January 2019, so hopefully as we get closer Epic will be adding more items.

The Retail Row is officially open. You can check the items here for the US.

here for Europe.


Sites like Alibaba and ebay have been flooded with different type of merchandise. Most notably, keychains and plush toys. Don’t be fooled and purchase anything because prices are inflated. Let’s take a look and compare pricing.

Here is an Asian manufacturer, where we can clearly see you order 60 pieces for prices between 1.30-2.00 dollars.

fortnite scar keychain
source: alibaba

Now lets take a look at a single unit pricing that you can purchase online, where pricing is inflated. this is the exact same scar keychain.

fortnite scar keychain sale

As we can clearly see, you are better off waiting to see what the official Retail Row shop has to offer. It will be interesting to see, now that Epic has a store, if they will be looking to pursue companies trying to sell unofficial Fortnite merchandise.

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