Fortnite Quad Launcher Getting Vaulted

Fortnite Quad Launcher Vaulted

Tweaks regarding the next Fortnite update have been circulating Twitter, with more vaults on the way including the Quad Launcher

Goodbye Quad Launcher

Quad Launcher will be vaulted in the next Fortnite Battle Royale update. The news came from Eric Williamson, Design Lead of the Game. The news was taken positively by most players of the Fortnite community. Considering the Quad Launcher is one of the strongest weapons, many players did not stand a chance against it because of its structure damage and fast reload times. The quad Launcher made its introduction in October 2018, during Season 6, and never received a nerf or buff.

Shield availability has decreased considerably after the last update, with the majority of Fortnite pros complaining about it since the 7.20 update. Although Epic has brought back zombies, which include shield HP when killed, they have announced tweaks coming regarding droprate.

Other items will be hitting the vault as stated by Eric’s Tweet:

The new update will not include map or aesthetic changes to the game. The update will vault items and change drop rates of items. We will update you on all changes when more news is confirmed.

For historical purposes and in case we ever forget, here is one of the first quad launcher montage videos the same day it was released:

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