Fortnite Players Rage Quit A $400,000 Twitch Rivals Tournament

Fortnite Streamers Rage and Quit Content Creator Tournament
  • Popular Fortnite pros have quit the $400,000 Twitch Rivals tournament due to the controversial BRUTE mech Epic Games has added to Season 10.

Epic Games Introduced BRUTE in Season 10

BRUTE is still the center of attention at Fortnite. For those who aren’t familiar with it, BRUTE is a mechanical vehicle that players can use in Fortnite. Epic introduced the BRUTE at the beginning of Season X. As Season 10 kicked off, players from all over the world started to express their concern over this monstrous overpowered machine. Why? Because BRUTE is extremely powerful. First of all, it has a health of 1000, which means it’s not easy to take out.

On top of this, the mech is equipped with rockets and a powerful shotgun. Perhaps the most annoying part is that BRUTE can wreck buildings with ease. This alone gives amazing power to this giant. Players do not need a second person to operate BRUTE as they can just switch seats and man the guns with ease because you can tank through the damage easily. Another factor is that BRUTE is randomly placed over the Fortnite island each match. So there is no fight over it generally. It is first come first serve.

Fortnite Players Rage Quit A $400,000 Content Creator Tournament

As mentioned, BRUTE is extremely strong; enough so that players opened a twitter petition to take it out of the game. However, Epic Games announced that they will not remove BRUTE, neither will there be a nerf regarding the mech. They even made charts to back this up in order to keep it in the game. However, players, especially competitive players do not want to play against something so strong. Especially if BRUTE can make it to the end game and nearly guarantee a victory.  Epic Games announced the Junk Rift in order to counter the BRUTE. But the Junk Rift only works if BRUTE is standing still. Therefore it is extremely hard to counter the overpowered mech.

During the Fortnite Twitch Rivals tournament, professional players like tfue and CouRage dropped out of the tournament, which had a prize of $400,000. The incident happened when CouRage was playing with TimTheTatman. In the middle of the game, they got eliminated by BRUTE while they were hiding inside a building, and there was nothing they could have done to prevent getting eliminated. Here is the clip showing Courage dropping from the tournament:

As you can see, Courage, who is also an esports caster, started to rant about Epics decision to keep the BRUTE in their game, especially in a tournament. Literally seconds later, Courage and Tim were discussing which game to play next. This is interesting because CouRage is one of the biggest content creators out there. Epic Games need to resolve this problem before things further escalate. BRUTE should either get a substantial nerf or be taken out of the game like the Infinity Blade. People thought that after the Infinity Blade incident Epic Games would have learned their lesson. But it doesn’t seem so.

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