Fortnite Pro Players Are Angry At Epic Games Over The Winter Royale Prize Pool

Fortnite Pro Players Are Angry With The Winter Royale Prize Pool

The Fortnite Winter Royale 2019 is around the corner, and there is already controversy between pro players and Epic Games.  Players are not happy with the prize pool allocations. This time, the Winter Royale is held on multiple platforms. Generally, the pro scenes for Fortnite would solely be on PC. Some games do have console players such as NICKMERCS, however, this is limited due to massive differences between console players and PC players. This time around, we even have mobile gamers entering the prize pool. This did not make most of the returning players from last year happy.

Why Fortnite Pro Players Are Angry At Epic Games?

The incident actually started with Epic Games announcing the prize pool for the upcoming Fortnite Winter Royale competitive tournament would be $15 million dollars, divided between 3 days, 5 million for each. However, every platform is getting the same amount of money. Of course, PC players are not happy to be given the same amount of money, for example, as mobile players. The obvious reason behind this is because PC is where the real competition’s at. There are some very good controller and mobile players, however, PC players are the majority. On top of this, there is a difference between regions and the amount of prize money that they get. For example, Europe is getting $9,000 while NA-East is getting $8,000 and NA-West is getting $6,000.

Most of the big names in the competitive scene voiced their concern for these figures. Especially big names like Mongraal, aqua and many more. There is a huge skill gap between platforms. Yes, Epic Games is trying to say we are all the same. However, this is not very true in competitive gaming. PC players are much more dedicated than, for example, mobile players. Epic Games does not easily change their mind about these type of things as we have seen in the past with other esports tournaments.

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