Fortnite Players Introduce New Clever Transportation System. Will Epic Games Consider It?

Fortnite Players Introduce New Clever Transportation System
  • Players have always suggested new additions or changes in Fortnite, and many of the times Epic Games implements them. This time players come up with a clever new road system. The question is, will Epic Games consider it this time?

Fortnite Players Suggest An Insane Road System

Epic Games is all about balancing Fortnite right now. Of course, if you have a game this big it is hard to satisfy your entire player base which consists of hundreds of millions of users. Epic Games is under fire most of the time for implementing new ideas that impact user experience and in a bad way. Fortnite just celebrated its 2nd Birthday and the game is moving into the category of only hardcore players remaining. There are still no competitors for Fortnite. However, things are becoming a little still, and Epic Games announced a 2% increase only for in-game sales. This does not mean that Fortnite is going down by any means but right now we’ve hit a plateau.

Epic Games Trying New Things

To spice things up, Epic Games is trying many new things. For example, Fortnite Season 10 has a very fluid map until now, but it did not get that much appreciation. Also, the BRUTE was added as a combat vehicle, but it did not get any love from players. Of course when the developer ideas do not work players start building their own ideas. You can find thousands of ideas if you ask players. Some of them may not be good but some of them can be very interesting concepts. Let us not forget several skins for Fortnite came from players ideas. Generally, these ideas are posted to FortniteBR subReddit for the community managers to see.

But this time there is an exciting idea. Right now there are Roads around the map so u/8BitMemes from Reddit formed an idea with it. It is quite simple and looks easy to use. Here is his suggestion:

New Public Transportation Road system in Fortnite

As you can see it is an interesting concept for sure. The idea revolves around the roads in the game right now. We already have some mobility around the map however this does not reach all around the map. This idea nearly covers all of the map.

Honestly, most of us do not even use roads for anything because it is an open area and you can get shot down easily if you are using it (same thing for other games like Blackout). But this can bring new and interesting use for it. There are several interesting ideas suggested also in the comments like what if you can shoot from this bus. Of course, players right now, hope for a change for the future of Fortnite. Fortnite Season 10 did not go according to expectations for Fortnite. Players are hoping that Season 11 will bring something that can improve the game.

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