Fortnite Players Come Up With A New Theory

Fortnite Players Come Up With A New Theory
  • Fortnite players are suggesting that the island in the middle of the map will be center for future events. 

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the biggest games on the planet, and every season that comes out is backed by a bunch of theories. Epic Games developers do their best to keep new projects under a tight lid so that players are left guessing what is to come. However, leakers are always one step ahead of them. Players always have a good idea of what to expect during the season because of the leakers and data miners who post on social media. We all remember how Epic Games decided to target leakers a couple of seasons back. Epic Games created Fortnite to be an ever-changing map. There can be only one map but the map is always evolving. Some players are happy with this and some are not.

However, this time players are making a very big prediction with basis. This prediction is interesting. It involves the last seasons Loot Lake. Players are suggesting that the island in the middle of the map will host something. The island in the middle is called Eye Land. It is not one of the hot zones of the map which is why they believe it’s a perfect point of interest. Also, Loot Lake was not a hot zone in the prior seasons. But, at the end of Season 10 Loot Lake was the center of attention for every event.

Epic ya’ll aren’t sly we know the vault is under here. Random lake, conveniently round, middle of the map, random island. Let’s be real this is gonna be the center of everything like loot lake was. from FortNiteBR

Players are suggesting that this might be the next location for events. It is literally an island in the middle of the map and it is dead center. Several players also suggested that the name might be another reference to the monster. The island is called Eye Land, therefore, it might an actual eye and the map might be founded on the monster.

Of course, this is an interesting idea. However, how Epic Games is known to make a center for events and the new Eye Land does look like the next center of events.

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