Fortnite Pet Gingerbread Man Features

fortnite gingerbread man

These are all features your pet gingebread man can do when unlocking him

Ever since the launch of “14 days of Fortnite“, gifts have been distributed across to all users completing various challenges. Lots of players have skipped to see what’s in store for them in the upcoming. You could go ahead and see the gifts for yourself in challenges tab once your in the Battle Royale lobby.

Pets were introduced last season and is being loved by everyone in the Fortnite community. They had introduced a hamster this season, which is unlockable once you complete the first few challenges. Like almost every cosmetic in Fortnite, this addition of a pet does not give any competitive advantage over other players, they just replace your backpack and hang around with you throughout the game.

Fortnite’s new “Gingerbread” pet can be unlocked if you use Boogie bomb or open in-game presents. Once it’s unlocked, equip it from the locker and you can now have an animated Gingerbread man to tag along with you throughout the game.


Here are a list of features your very own ginger bread man can do.

  • Dab : Whenever you eliminate an opponent the Gingerbread man Dabs, this is my personal favorite feature. Save you the time to taunting by selecting and emote from the emote wheel .
  • Candy Cigar: At random occasions your pet will pretend as though it’s smoking a candy Cigar .
  • Angry Pet: Like almost any other pet, when you’re in combat the Gingerbread man also becomes animated with anger.
  • Eyes on your back: The Gingerbread man constantly keeps a look out for enemies. You can see his eyes following enemies when you run away from them or whenever they’re right behind you.
  • Smile and get back on my team: Whenever you try to revive a downed teammate, the Gingerbread man laughs and lifts your mood.

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