FORTNITE Mini Shield Potion WAVE Bottle by Hughes Wave Motion Machines LLC

FORTNITE Mini Shield Potion WAVE Bottle Epic Games PC Gaming Xbox Playstation PS4

The Fortnite Mini Shield Potion WAVE Bottle by Hughes Wave Motion Machines LLC is awesome. This has to be one of the coolest Fortnite BR collectibles to ever be created. The company, Epic Games wouldn’t be able to do something like this as it’s very niche, however, this is why we have gamers prevail and create these amazing customized items.


Finally, someone does the mini shield right. Ever since Fortnite busted out of the scene as the most played game this year, I’ve seen the lack of Fortnite collectibles, or better yet, custom made items by die hard fans. It seems Epic is tied up with all their tweaks and additions to Fortnite Battle Royale so their merchandise side of things are nonexistent.

However, someone finally did a FORTNITE Mini Shield Potion right!


A company called Hughes Wave Motion Machines LLC has put together a really cool Fortnite Mini Shield Potion with their “Wave” technique. The company does decorative and therapeutic ocean wave displays so it was probably a no-brainer for them to put together this Fortnite Mini Shield Potion since I assume they love playing the game.

It’s great to see gamers with their own companies utilize their offerings and tie it into video games as this company did. The reason behind this is because, in this example, Epic Games didn’t really think of producing any type of tangible items for them game. The idea was to buy “digital items” like skins, emotes, hence the v bucks.

Here’s a video of their “wave product in action (it’s pretty cool!):
Where to buy the Fortnite Mini Shield Potion

So with that they put together the Mini Shield Potion which you can at Hughes Wave Motion Machines LLC. Wondering it they will expand their product line to more potions. Only time will tell. But Game life does know that they’ve been selling like hot cakes. As the game continues to grow in user base, more and more gamers are looking for neat collectibles, or customized items to put on their gaming desk, or in their gaming room to represent Fortnite Battle Royale. Check out the images below of the Fortnite Mini Shield Potion by Hughes Wave Motion Machines LLC.

– Game Life

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