Epic Responds to #FortniteMiddleEastServers Demand

fortnite middle east servers coming soon confirmed by epic
source: orangesmile.com

Keys to succeeding at Fortnite is a high speed, reliable internet connection with low pings. Something Middle East Fortnite players have been patiently wait for.

Fortnite is reaching new heights never imagined with players from all across the globe spending hours playing the game while trying to improve. As of now, players from the middle Eastern countries connect to European servers and end up with high pings.

Because of this, players from the middle-east are running online campaigns using the hashtag #FortniteMiddleEastServers, hoping for Epic to take action. In fact, you can see some campaigns running live at this very moment on almost every streaming platform.

Streamers add the hashtag to get Epic to notice the concern. There is no choice to connect to European servers as they are the closest ones, irrespective to the fact that their playing location is Asia. Streamers major complaints are due to high pings that range from 180ms to 300ms.

Asia, being the largest continent on the planet, has the right to plea for local servers. Millions of battle-passes are purchased every season in Asia yet players still struggle with high pings and poor connections. There is also slim to no chance of any Middle Eastern players ever qualifying for any type of online tournament offer by Epic.

Epic Has Officially Replied

Epic can very well be using Amazon Web service (AWS) to host their servers while Amazon has a middle-east infrastructure setup in early 2019. Needless to say, Epic is very upfront with it’s community and tend to tell the truth and man up to their faults. There should be no reason to have servers on different providers and for this reason the Middle East need to patiently wait.

Popular streamers are now standing by the Middle East community and sharing their thoughts.

Have a looks at various streamers reacting to the #FortniteMiddleEastServers

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