Fortnite LTMs Revealed

Fortnite Hard LTM
source: Twitter: @lucas7yoshi

Fortnite Battle Royale is well known for its popular LTMs with the new year leaks revealing that every day there will be new Limited Time Modes until New Year Day.

Fortnite Battle Royale; is known for it’s extensive range of Limited Time Modes. Fortnite LTMs generally have their own set of rules which are very different than the regular game itself. Players are able to enjoy different types of  Battle Royale game modes. The first Limited Time Mode was, in fact, the 50 vs. 50 mode, being revealed during the 2017 Game Awards.

It was such a huge success that Fortnite developers decided to continue on this path as an addition to the game. So far we have seen more than twenty Limited Time Modes, from High Explosives to Blitz Showdown. Because the LTM’s were different they were generally fun to play solo or with your friends.

So with it’s success, Epic Games is deciding to follow up with a new year event. Every day until New Year, for 14 days, there will a new LTM in the game. We had no ideas which ones would be included until now.

The Limited Time Modes
Vamp LTM

Vamp LTM will probably be one of the Limited Time Modes for the holiday season. In this LTM players will only be able to heal up if they get a kill.

Fortnite Vamp LTM
Twitter: @lucas7yoshi
Hard LTM

This LTM is a little bit more old school. In this mode most of HUD will be hidden like the hardcore game modes like the old Battlefield and CoD series.

Wild West LTM

In this LTM the players will only be able to use Wild West theme guns.

Fortnite Wild West LTM
source: fortnite gamepedia
Sneaky Silencers LTM

The name says it all, players will only be able to use silenced weapons.

Fortnite Sneaky Silencers LTM
source: twitter @lucas7yoshi
Food Fight LTM

Food fight includes players divided into two teams and trying to destroy each other’s food mascots. The mascots are the Durr Burger and the Tomato Head.

Fortnite Food Fight LTM
Source: fortnite.gamepedia
50v50 Close Encounters

This mode only contains jetpacks and the shotguns.


Players dig into the vault to bring back items that are no longer in regular game modes. Therefore, you can use the old classic Legendary Bolt Action Sniper Rifle and many more.

Fortnite Unvaulted LTM
source: vg247

These are only some of the Limited Time Modes with many more in the upcoming 14 day schedule. Afterward, we have our New Year’s Celebration in Times Square with Ninja.


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