Fortnite Llama Blanket Loot Sherpa Fleece [Official]

Fortnite Llama Blanket Loot Sherpa Fleece Officially Licensed Product Epic Games

The Fortnite Llama Blanket Loot Sherpa Fleece is Official, licensed by Epic Games. Many sellers have gotten their hands on these blankets and are selling them through various ecommerce stores. How long will these last for?

Fortnite Llama Blanket

Today is Fortnite day. With season 6 successfully out from last week tons of gamers have jumped back into the Battle Royale mode as many were complaining the game is lacking new features. With that said, Game Life has been featuring a bunch of cool Fortnite items and in this post we share a beautifully licensed product from Epic games; the Fortnite Llama Blanket.


The sellers description is as follows:

Bundle up and get warm by the cozy campfire when you wrap yourself up in this officially licensed Loot Llama Fortnite blanket. This fleece blanket is designed with a colorful quadrant print that showcases a loot llama in each square and a plush Sherpa underside. The Fortnite logo can also be spotted along the bottom of the blanket for a signature touch. Four loot llamas all in the same place? Now that is a rare sight to see!

Officially licensed
Loot llama blanket
Dimensions: 50′ H x 60′ W
Material: Polyester
Care: Machine wash

We’ve showcased a bunch of Fornite items today, however, they were not official but rather “custom” made items. Still cool nonetheless, but you can’t beat official items. This Fortnite Llama blanket showcases the four different llama loots you can get, all in different colors. I bet Ninja has one of these in his gaming room. Since the release of these official Fortnite blankets, some gamers have come out and created their own blankets in love of the game. For example, some gamers have created their own etsy account and are selling customized blankets for fans of the game.

These particular blankets looking comfortable and are already selling like hot cakes!

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