Fortnite is taking over Korea

Fortnite is taking over Korea
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Fortnite is taking over Korea in the South Korean Open 2018 which will have many familiar faces such as Ninja, DrLupo, TSM’s Myth and more playing in this tournament.

The top of the news today is all about Fortnite South Korea Open 2018, which will be held tomorrow. Many famous Fortnite streamers such as TSM Ali ”Myth” Kabbani  and Ninja will be competing in the tournament. The tournament comes after the successful Fortnite Winter Royale which passed a few weeks ago. It is giving another chance for esports Fortnite players to show their skills. The prize pool will be a whooping $885,000 dollars which is a very good number. The tournament will be held in Korea University  Hwajung Gymnasium.

Famous Fortnite streamers and pro gamers will be attending. Faze Clan Esports team member Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore will be also in the tournament. Furthermore; the tournament will be live on Twitch and Youtube, so make sure you’ve set you calendar reminder for when the games go live. Many South Korean pro gamers will also attend the tournament. This will be interestingly the first tournament held in South Korea for Fortnite Battle Royale. The news of South Korea’s first”Fortnite” competition was announced at G-Star 2018 (the country’s biggest gaming convention) and made headlines in Asia. Of course, it will be sponsored by Epic Games.

Tfue Tweeting about the South Korean Open 2018:

South Korea: a Gaming Paradise

South Korea, being a developed country has always been a major gaming hub, predominantly showcasing tournaments for League of Legends and Starcraft. Many organizations from South Korea and Japan competed in other games respectively. This is a big step up for Fortnite to make a step forward in the Asian hub where the game isn’t as popular as other titles, such as League of Legends and Overwatch. Of course, Pubg another competitor for Fortnite has also a very strong foothold in South Korea. Furthermore, it was developed by Bluehole a South Korean game developing company. So this means that Fortnite is making a tournament at the heart of their competitor.

There will also be a South Korean team made by ACAU (a very famous Youtube gaming channel in Korea). This team selected 10 pro gamers to be included in the tournament. Epic Games Korea Park Sung-Chul said,

The event marks the start of ‘Fortnite’ esports competition in Korea. Hopefully will become an opportunity for Korea. Experience the fun gaming culture Epic Games strives for”.

The event is also advertised furthermore by Famous K-Pop singers and several comedians.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Fortnite news.



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