Fortnite Is Getting A New Consumable

Fortnite is Getting a New Consumable

Epic Games is adding another new item to Fortnite Battle Royale, and this comes right before the Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite is Getting a New Consumable

The Fortnite World Cup is nearing in, but Epic Games continues to add new items in the game. Fortnite is now in a good spot. The game was able to make a very solid and loyal player base and now they are trying to hold the player base with continuous updates as we will get to. Several games tried to compete against Fortnite, but after a couple of weeks the hype went down and Fortnite still holds strong. How do they do this is simple. Fortnite developers at Epic Games are rolling out a new update every week and they are bringing new content to the game. There are no new maps, but there is enough content produced to keep the players excited and engaged.

Today we have interesting news coming from the Official Fortnite Twitter page. The upcoming patch will be v9.30. As we all know, Fortnite likes to do a lot of updates, but this weeks update is a little early than we’re used to. Here’s the tweet below:

This update will have several consumable items taking up slots in our inventory. The number of weapons is held at the line with the vaulting system. However, until now we have never seen a consumable item getting vaulted. This brings out more questions.

The current state of affairs for consumables is delicate due to Epic Games changing the item availability several times in the last month.  But several players are already making theories on the new Fortnite Consumable. According to some players, it will give you 100 shield points but it ticks down every second. This consumable might be a great addition to situations.

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