Fortnite In-Game Tournaments Update

fortnite in game tournaments esports fortnite competitve tournament update

Epic updates Fortnite fanbase about In-game tournaments with a new backend system

Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is inching closer to a full throttle Esports arena. After the completion of Summer and Fall Skirmishes, all players were invited to Epic’s inaugural In-game tournament.

The Winter Royale was going great at first, to be honest. The tournament was engaging to everyone. Most big names were able to participate in the Finals. The Winter Royale, attracted over 9 millions players, of all skill set, to participate in the tournament with a chance to qualify for the grand finals. The tourney had promise however the introduction of Season 7 in the final stages caused uproar with players waiting for the semi finals to begin.

With no current tournaments planned players want answers and Epic responds via Reddit. Let’s breakdown what to expect.

In-Game Tournaments Update 1/8/2019 from FortNiteBR

Don’t have a Reddit account? You can read Epic’s post from here.

Backend System with LIVE features

Before jumping to conclusions when to expect new tournaments dates, the Fortnite community is also pleading for Ranked Play. With all gaming platforms, the most crucial element for a ranking system is a Live engine. With the addition of Live feeds, this should ease planning and automation of tournaments.

The Winter Royale and pop up cup stats update in real time for individual users, however no real time leaderboards are in place. With Live feeds, Epic mentions how knockout rounds  can be featured. There will be no delays, no wait to publish standings or players manually inserted into brackets. The fully automation feature is a much cleaner end user experience.


Epic has already announced new servers coming to the Middle-East , will the Middle-East, Oceania and far east ever be combined into a world Fortnite Tournament? This can be far fetched for Online services, however having LIVE backend data in realtime is a first true step to positve In-Game tournaments. Epic is still very much in it’s infancy stages and will continue to evolve to please and grow it’s fanbase.


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