Fortnite Hotspots, Loot Carriers Get Introduced in New Patch

Fortnite Hotspots, Loot Carriers Introduced
Source: Epic Games

Epic Games is introducing another way of getting high-quality loot in the game with the patch v9.10. Players will be able to shoot down Loot carriers. Find out more below.

Fortnite Hotspots, Loot Carriers Get Introduced in New Patch

Fortnite Battle Royale is going strong in Season 9. In the light of the fast-approaching Fortnite World Cup and many other planned events, we have much to look forward to. In the first seasons of Fortnite, it was really hard to get amazing loot. If you found a Scar you were considered extremely lucky. However, things started to change in the later seasons. There were too many great guns in the game. Epic Games found a solution for this so they started to vault some weapons that are overpowered, or, they started to vault them to reduce the gun saturation in the game.

Fortnite is different from other Battle Royale games. Generally when you land you will find a weapon pretty quickly. Afterward, it is up to you how you will perform with it. However, Epic Games is introducing high action loot zones. These will be called Hotspots. Players will be able to shoot these carriers down to get high-quality gear. Let us check what they have said about the new Fortnite Hotspots.


Every match, select named locations will be marked in gold text on the map.

  • These Hot Spots represent the presence of Loot Carriers. Shoot down the carriers for additional high-quality weapons.
  • Minimum of one Hot Spot
  • 25% chance for 2 Hot Spots
  • 5% chance for 3 Hot Spots
  • Loot Carriers
  • Loot Carriers drop a weapon of Rare or higher quality along with two stacks of ammo.
  • Hot Spots will have between 12 and 16 Loot Carriers depending on the size of the location.

The number of loot carriers is overwhelming. It will add a big change to the game. Players who drop into these zones will be without too many mats as well. They will grab the first weapon they see and try to shoot them first. We will see how it will affect the gameplay. In all honesty, Epic Games is creating another Tilted Towers.

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