Fortnite “F” for Customer Service

Epic rated F for customer service
source: BBB facebook

Epic has come by some scrutiny by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have been graded “F” for failing to cater to a number customer related complaints.

Behind the scenes, Epic has been under heat with regards to copyright issues for various dance moves turned into emotes selling in the Fortnite Shop. The amount of money Epic is making with its recent success is still going up, irrespective of what’s happening.

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271 Complaints

Business Insider first reported that, the Eastern North Carolina Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated Fortnite as “F”. The BBB grades companies by basing their customer-relationship. Apparently, Epic is not addressing hundreds of customer complaints so customers have been approaching BBB to get their issues sorted out. The BBB lists 271 complaints made against Epic last year. This could be a reason why Epic is not worried about the rating, the complaint ratio vs active player ratio is fractional.

Fortnite complaints for customer service
source: FBB

Major issues customers are facing with Fortnite pertains to account login issues and failure to refund incorrect/accidental purchases. Apart from this, hundreds of players are still confused as to why their accounts are banned. Epic has not responded with a reason why so many customers have had their accounts banned.

Epic does have a separate support department specifically for Fortnite, but clearly they aren’t able to keep up.

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At the same time, we’ll have to cut Epic some slack because the customer queries left unanswered may be a fraction of the total amount of queries they keep getting on a daily basis.

An Epic spokesperson has replied to BBB rating stating that: Epic is not affiliated to BBB in any way and has redirected all customer grievances to the player-support team.


Epic has a lot on it’s plate to take care off. In-game issues like glitches and bugs have been pestering the company ever since the launch of Season 7. But now, lawsuits and public shaming by rating the company’s customer-relationship policy as “F”, needs to be carefully dealt with. People have started to realize the fact that Fortnite is raking in millions a day, such figures will lead to the company being under constant scrutiny.

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