Vinny1X Wins Fortnite ESL Tournament, All Solo Results

Vinny1x ESL Fortnite Tournament winner and results
Source: ESL

Final moments of all 7 Solo games, as Vinny1x wins the ESL Solo Fortnite tournament, here is how the event unfolded.

The best Fortnite players in the world finished day 1 of the $100,000 ESL Fortnite Katowice Royale. Less then a week ago, Vinny1x was a free agent and signed with Team SoloMid (TSM). It was a smart pick as he has captured the ESL solo crown. Although Vinny did not have a win in the 7 games, his consistent over the course of the 7 games, gave him enough points to finish on top.

ESL perfected the event this time around after working out technical difficulties with the Polish edition of the tournament. Leaderboards were updated in realtime and even intermissions were set a perfect pace.

Here are the final kills of each game.

Game 1 – Ghost Bizzle USA

Bizzle wasted no time, after winning the Secret Skirmish, taking game 1 in Bizzle style. With no mats left, Bizzle is where he is most dangerous, using his high ground to win game 1.

Game 2 – Solary Kinstaar CHE
Kinstaar Esl Fortnite Katowice Royale
Source: Twitch ESL

There was no doubt at some point of the tournament, the new Volcano location would host final zones. It happened during game 2, as the final moments were fought around the Volcano. In the end, Kinstaar, shorthanded with a Tac and SMG, took out ZexRow.

Game 3 – Go Julez FRA

With the last zone in its final seconds, Mitr0 has high ground with only a couple of shots left in his green pump. As he dropped to Julez, he gets stuck on a side wall for a split second, giving Julez just enough time to connect his pump at 150 to win round 3.

Game 4 – Aim Hero KOR

Jarkos, the ESL Polish solo winner, looked prime for a win with 3 players remaining while controlling high ground. A hard fall hurt his chances as Dream Hero, boxed up, clipped Jarkos and then took care of a crouched History. Aim Hero remained patient leading up to the final moments to steal Game 4

Game 5 – Skram CHE

As Round 5 started, playing styles shifted. Most players in the top 20 did not engage in any mid game action, opting for points to maintain ground. In the end the storm did the most damage, as players scrambled to break through builds to enter safe zone. Skram held high ground while the storm handed him game 5.

With two games remaining, the top 10 was very tight:

ESL Fortnite Tournament Standings after Game 5
Source: ESL
Game 6 – LeStream TheVic FRA

As the tournament wrapped up, some top 10 players dropped out of Game 6 early. Once again, a new player won, with TheVic making the right move inside the storm pushing his opponent with a heal off out of the question.

Standings after game 6, heading into the final Game:

ESL Fortnite Tournament Standings after Game 6
Twitch: ESL
Game 7 – Sen Animal USA

With 3 players remaining, Animal held his ground and clutched when he needed it most. Vinny1X ESL Fortnite was also in the hunt right till the last moments of Game 7.

Top 20 who finished in the money:

1. Vinny1x 319 points $20,000
2. Atlantis Magin 316 points $16,000
3. Solary Kinstaar 269 points $12,000
4. Ghost Bizzle 255 points $8,000
5. LeStream Skite 248 points $6,000
6. SEN Animal 244 points $6,000
7. NRG Zayt 244 points $4,000
8. Skram 237 points $4,000
9. INTZ Histtory 224 points $4,000
10. Forward Ares 223 points $4,000
11. itemm 223 points $2,000
12. LeStream TheVic 220 points $2,000
13. LeStream Blaxou 219 points $2,000
14. DV1 Hoopek 208 points $2,000
15. AGO Zeek 205 points $2,000
16. Atlantis Mitr0 205 points $2,000
17. Faze FunkBomb 205 points $1,000
18. Beehive 205 points $1,000
19. Liquid Vivid 196 points $1,000
20. LeStream Vato 185 points $1,000
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