Possible Dragon Theme In Fortnite

fortnite Castle polar peak with ice king throne

Fortnite data miners find meshing of an egg with a dragon texture logged inside of it

The Dragon Egg

Data miners are talking a possible Dragon Egg for Season 7. The new file is uploaded with the v7.10 update. The dragon egg might be an addition to the game lore. We cannot overlook the similarity between Fortnite Season 7 Ice and Snow theme to compare with popular TV series Game of Thrones.

For those who don’t follow the show, there are in fact dragons and one of them was recently occupied by the Night King.

ForTory made the discovery and quickly took it to Twitter:

The King’s Throne

The Night King comes from an icy and very snowy region in the hit Tv Series.

King Throne inside Castle at Polar Peak

Fortnite Season 7 main character is the Ice king. Therefore, the similarities between the newly emerged Polar Peak Castle and its throne room covered with Ice and this dragon egg is obvious.

Maybe there is a new collaboration upcoming with the Game of Thrones or this is just an idea from the Epic Games themselves.

Furthermore, we recently found out, that we are expecting the whole Fortnite map to be covered with snow. Therefore this might also be a hint for the Game of Thrones Tv-Series theme. Game of Thrones fans are expecting the whole of Westeros (the fictional land) will be covered in snow.

Multiple Eggs

One of the most intriguing data mined object was the dragon egg. The dragon egg found by the data miners excited many players of Fortnite. Ice Castle is found on the Polar Peak and with every week more and more levels of it are surfacing. Therefore with the last update players had access to the throne room. Apparently, FortTory glitched to even undiscovered places and found out there are in fact five dragon eggs only in the Ice Castle.

The dragon eggs are water type dragons. There are some very interesting fan theories for the next season. One particular one featured in our news; was the addition of underwater or an extremely wet biome after the snow melted. You can read about it from here.

We do not know what Epic Games are developing for the future of Fortnite Battle Royale. However, we can be certain that there will be new creatures with the new season or with the next update.

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