Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus Event – Battle Of The Robot And Monster

Fortnite Doggus vs. Cattus Event - Battle Of The Robot And Monster

Fortnite Battle Royale Doggus vs Cattus event is coming, and players will finally see the giant Robot fight the ice monster.

Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus Event – Battle Of The Robot And Monster

Epic Games is doing another event after the 14 days of summer event wrapped up last week. Fortnite is the most active game by far in the market right now. Epic Games is pushing for this part of the game because it is keeping everyone interested in coming back to play Fortnite. Maybe the most interesting thing is the ingenious idea of lore added to the game. It’s very interesting because lore is generally found in RPG or MMORPG Games. However, Fortnite is doing the lore addition by adding events into the game. Such as the addition of the Ice biome or the pirates. These changes are also associated with additions to the game, which makes the lore stronger.

We have another event coming; the great battle of Doggus Vs Cattus. Most of us have already seen the massive scaled Robot that is getting built at Pressure Plant. Destruction of the Polar Peak made us also realize that there is another monster roaming the land. Many theories suggest that the Robot is built for fighting the Monster, which would only make logical sense as you can’t do deductive reasoning elsewhere.

Doggus vs Cattus

The event will be called Doggus vs Cattus. The timers were leaked a couple of days ago. However, now there are timers available for all players to see. There has been no official statement from the devs of Fortnite., however, there is a big possibility that this timer does indeed show us the time of the Doggus vs Cattus event.

The timer suggests that the Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus event will take place on July 20 at 3 pm EST.

Theories are also suggesting that the event will be attended by other players as well, to destroy the monster. But there are also theories surrounding that this fight might be so destructive to the map, so be prepared for Fortnite map changes. But of course, this won’t be done just before the Fortnite World Cup Finals as it would create complete mayhem. But, if Epic Games did do that, players who would be able to adapt to change would be the real winners on that day; but this is highly unlikely. We will see, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Doggus vs Cattus Event.

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