Fortnite Death Valley Pickaxe Prop For Halloween

Fortnite Death Valley Pickaxe Prop For Halloween
  • If someone was to create a Fortnite weapon, which one would they create? Well for one gamer took it to the next level with his creation of the Fortnite Death Valley Pickaxe Prop, perfect for Halloween.
Fortnite Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than to dress up as your favorite video game character? Well, I have good news for all you Fortnite players. There’s some pretty rad costumes and weapons out there, and everyone is trying to put together the best costume to impress. Well, one gamer took it to the next level and created his own Fortnite pro. He built the Fortnite Death Valley Pickaxe which can be found in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Official vs Custom

There was a point where Game Life was picky with the type of video game items that would appear on the site, as we use to showcase video game collectibles on here. We went through the “only officially licensed products” phase, never showing custom made stuff since the collectors market doesn’t seem them worthy to “collect”. Well, times have changed and custom made objects can be viewed as art from the creator.

When you stumble upon items like this awesome Fortnite Death Valley Pickaxe that’s custom-made, and we couldn’t pass it up. Only the coolest items like these are made by real fans of the game. The attention to detail is amazing and you can tell the artist poured his heart and soul creating this pickaxe.

In every case, we’ve seen custom-made items almost always outperform any item that the big-time game companies would come out as “official” products. They are less inferior to something compared to, for example, this Fortnite pickaxe.

We featured the Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher toy a few weeks back, and to be honest I am 100% certain if someone put their own pumpkin launcher together it would look a lot better than what was selling officially in stores.


Here’s the artists description:


Bring your favorite Fortnite characters into the Halloween season!

Brand new 2.5lb 3′ mattock
REAL mule deer skull
Cosmetic Weathering
Bone-colored paint
REAL leather strips
Rugged nails


With the above mention of official vs custom made, in every case, the custom product will be more expensive. How much more? It depends on the level of dedication that the artist put into the game item, as well as time. But the Fortnite Death Valley Pickaxe isn’t too expensive. It’s was on auction for $40. Here are pictures of the awesome pickaxe.

Fortnite Death Valley Pickaxe Gallery

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