Fortnite Deadpools Yacht Party Location

Fortnite Deadpools Yacht Party Location
  • Players need to dance at Deadpools Yacht Party in order to complete the week 8 challenges. Here’s what you need to do to dance at the Deadpool Yacht Party.

Dace at Deadpools Yacht Party Location

Fortnite released the first Deadpool challenge today. Players had to go into the main menu and find Deadpools Pool Floaty in agent Skye’s room. This was required in order to continue onto the second challenge of the day for Deadpool, which requires players to land at the Yacht and dance there. Ironically, last week Epic Games tweeted an interesting picture of the Yacht in Fortnite covered with Deadpool drawings. Players didn’t know what to think of this, and there was no challenge that day that dealt with the Yacht. However, after today’s challenges were released, everything made sense. Additionally, Fortnite has many different skins and items that you can buy in the item shop today that deal with Deadpool, such as the Deadpool Motorbike and the Cuddlepool and Ravenpool outfits.

In today’s Deadpools challenge, it’s a two-part challenge. You need to find the Fortnite Pool Floaty and the second task you need to dance at the deadpool Yacht

This challenge is part of the Fortnite Deadpool challenges.

Fortnite Yacht Party Location

This challenge states, “Dance at Deadpool’s yacht Party“. It’s a very straight forward challenge which doesn’t require players to do much other than land at “The Yacht” and dance there. It’s quite a spectacle when you reach the yacht as there’s literally a party happening there. Many players will be looking to land at this location also.  Here’s a map of here the deadpool party is located at.

Where is Deadpools Yacht Party in Fortnite

Where is Deadpools Yacht Party in Fortnite?

Once you land at the Fortnite yacht you’ll notice a big painted Deadpool logo on the front of the ship. Land there and enter inside the yacht where you’ll see a giant statue of Deadpool in the middle. Head towards the dance floor and dance in front of the giant statue. Once you’re done the dance you have complete the challenge. If you need to go back and complete the challenges from yesterday simply go here.

Here is a video of  the entire process of finding Deadpool yacht party:

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