Fortnite Deadpool Toilet Plunger and Destroy Toilets [Deadpool Challenges]

Fortnite Deadpool Toilet Plunger and Destroy Toilets Deadpool Challenges
  • Players need to first find Deadpools plunger in order to use it to destroy 3 toilets on the FN map. Here’s how to complete this challenge.

Fortnite Destroy Toilets Deadpool Challenges

The weekly Fortnite were released yesterday. There were three challenges in total. Players had to drop at three locations for one (Rig, Hydro 16 and Logjam Woodworks), find propane tanks and destroy structures with them, and lastly, catch air with a motorboat. These were part of the TNTIna’s Trial challenges. Today, another challenge was released which is part of the Deadpool challenges that started last week as well. This is week two for the Deadpool challenges and today players need to find Deadpool’s Plunger and destroy Fortnite toilets with it. The challenge isn’t exactly difficult, and some might have trouble finding the Fortnite plunger, but continue reading below to find out where it’s located!

This challenge is part of the Fortnite Deadpool challenges.

Fortnite Toilet Plunger Location

At the main screen, you’ll want to select “AGENTS” which is the doors to the far left. Once selected, choose Agent #2 (TNTIna) and proceed into the room. Once there, TNTina will be waiting for you, and the Fortnite toilet plunger will be on the wall to her left.

Fortnite Toilet Plunger Location

Where is Deadpools plunger in Fortnite?

Once you;ve found Deadpool’s Plunger, you’ll need to destroy three toilets in order to complete the challenge for this week. The challenge specifically states, “Find Deadpool’s Toilet Plunger for Stage 1 and after you have done that, you need to “Destroy Toilets“. Since you already have Deadpool’s plunger, you can go to the location of the toilets. There are toilets all over the map, but you can simply glide over to Pleasant Park to find the toilets there. Specifically, enter the white brick house and destroy 3 toilets in there. Once you’ve done that you have completed all of this weeks challenges.

Here is the location of the security plans in Fortnite:

#1 Location: Pleasant Park – FN map (D-3 on the map grid)
Where is Deadpools plunger in Fortnite
Epic Games

Here is a video of  the entire process of finding Deadpool Plunger and the Fortnite toilets:

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