Why The Fortnite Community is Angry Over Update v8.20 Changes

Fortnite Community is Angry Over Update v8.20 Changes

Some Fortnite Battle Royale update v8.20 changes have fueled controversy between players and Epic Games decisions.

Fortnite Battle Royale patch v8.20 reverted back to changes that were introduced with patch v7.40. Most players and streamers are furious over the changes. Streamers alike joined in on the topic of conversation and shared their thoughts.

Patch v7.40 added some of the best changes the community has ever seen. Those changes, originated from the Pop-up cup rules, were implemented into the main game. Players were granted 50 shield or 50 health after an elimination. Also, there was a material cap, while harvest rate was increased  by 40%. Fortnite players of all calibers praised the changes while update v7.40 was deemed one of the best updates of the winter.

Looking back at update v7.40
The best Fortnite Update of Season 7
Many consider update 7.40 one of the best ever

To understand why so many players upset with the new changes, we need to go back to early Season 7. Prior to patch v7.40, Epic reduced the shield drop rate. The Fortnite community, as usual, voiced their concern, complaining about how hard it was to find half pot shields.  Fast forward to patch v7.40 and everything changed. An elimination granted immediate health or shield and harvesting was much easier. Spending less time harvesting and more time in action is what the players want.

The v7.40 update made perfect sense, it would push players to be more aggressive, while 3rd players would be at a disadvantage if they wait too long before engaging in fights. The 500 material cap also meant players would need to be more cautious while building and not burn mats for no reason. The changes were first introduced in the Pop-up Cups before hitting the main game modes.

Update v8.20 rude awakening

Most players have voiced their disappointment with update v8.20, released on March 27, because all the changes have been reverted back to how the game was prior to update v7.40.

Epic’s statement is: ” In v7.40 we implemented a few Pop-up Cup settings as a test in core modes. After monitoring a combination of gameplay, data, and feedback, we’ve gathered necessary info to conclude this initial test. We feel it has resulted in an unhealthy level of aggressive play, diminishing other viable strategies.”

Most streamers are frustrated with these new changes while Ninja also shared his thoughts over the update. He makes a very good point about long queue times once players hits level.

For right now, it’s clear that if someone likes the old school Fortnite meta, play regular game mode. If  a player is onto competitive play, cares for their stats and wants to try and possibly earn money, then play Arena mode.

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