Fortnite Chapter 2 Is Here

Fortnite Chapter 2 Is Here
  • Epic Games just released the launch trailer for Fortnite chapter 2. Players will be able to have a look at what to expect in this new chapter of Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is here. After reaching Singularity, Fortnite is returning today. Interestingly the name is  Chapter 2 instead of Season 11. Let us get to it without any more delays as we have waited 48 hours nearly.

New Fortnite Map, finally…

Probably the biggest news is the new map. The new Fortnite map looks awesome, to be honest. It has a lot of mountain ranges plus a lot of water. Some of the location names are like Pleasant Park or Salty Springs so it is similar. However, there are also new locations now. There is 13 locations in the map. The changes to the map is hopefully going to be accepted by the players because players asked for this for a very long time now. After a long-time Epic Games is trying to deliver it with the new Fortnite Map. Hopefully, this map is going to be amazing and it’s going to offer us great gameplays.

Fortnite Fishing

Interestingly with the new Fortnite Chapter players are able to go and fish. Yes, fishing, players can go fishing and these fishes that you can catch can give you Shield boost or Health. However, you can also find weapons from water if you are lucky. This will change the game a little in a map like this players will try fishing a lot. For example, you decided to land to a certain location but could not find any weapons you can just try fishing and pray for a weapon. To be honest a highly unexpected change to the game. We will see how it plays out.

Fortnite New Boats

There’s a new vehicle update as well. We are getting boats in Fortnite. The map has lots of water rivers and etc. These boats will allow players to go from A to B. However, we hope that these boats are not going to be having the same fate as the vehicles we have seen before. The boats are a weapon as well because they have a missile launcher in the front. And it will allow you to Damage your opponent’s if you want. Also, there are some Island locations visible on the map and these boats will allow players to zoom around the map really fast. Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced many new things and some players may be happy with it and some may not be.

We can see there are also some mountainous areas and these areas are going to be also a new addition to the game. The previous Island also had mountains of course but these look much more strategic. Also, it looks like there are some UI changes to the game right now. For example, the health bar and the shield bar seems a little bit different. But this is according to the leaks. We will see once the servers are open. 

Epic Games tried to deliver changes and this is the biggest update in the Fortnite history since the game got released. Of course, there were some problems within the game such as some game-breaking bugs and weapon balance issues. Hopefully, Epic Games solved these issues prior to this update. Also, we wish that Fortnite Chapter 2 will take the game into a better route. Let us see what this update brings to the table.

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