Fortnite Champion Series Week 5 Results [Season X Qualifiers]

Fortnite Champion Series Results Stats Analysis Week Esports
  • Updated Sept 17, 2019: The qualifiers for the first-ever Fortnite Champion Series is finished. The groups are set and the stage is ready. Here’s everything you need to know about the qualifiers.

After the Fortnite World Cup, Epic Games decided to continue its esports initiative with the Fortnite Champion Series. These tournaments would only feature trios, therefore, it is not as competitive as other Fortnite tournaments that we’ve seen before. However, we have seen a very high number of pro-players compete in the FNCS also. The prize pool is substantial even though it changes from region to region. For example, the European finals winner team will earn $420,000 while Oceania is $60,000. Therefore, we have seen some Fortnite World Cup Finalists compete in this tournament, especially on the high paying zones.

What we can say for sure is that there will be new stars surfacing from these tournaments. Just from the Fortnite World Cup we have seen some new and interesting names in front of much better-known players. Below are the results from the five weeks of the Fortnite Champion Series Season X Qualifiers. Zekimus Prime and xSUNDOWN:

Below is the recap for week 5 of the FNCS qualifiers. Make sure to tune in Sept.20 to the 22 as teams battle to be crowned the first-ever season champions.

Season X Finals September 20-22 Fortnite

Fortnite Champion Series Week 5 Results

For the second week in a row, and three times during the whole qualifying stage, FaZe Mongraal, Mitro and NRG Benjyfishy claim first. This makes 5 weeks in a row they qualified coming in first or second every week. That makes an average overall placement of 1.4 in the final standings is unorthodox. Given that they have that average, for those following the FCNS would know that the team could have placed 1st every week given that they made some costly mistakes and still finished either 1st or second. The Europe region has the most participants in the qualifiers which makes this duo extremely lethal moving forward considering they faced the most competition.

In a shake-up for NA-East, Tfue, Diuqil Adanahk, and Liquid Fiber placed first. Diuqil Adanahk proved to be the key in this duo giving his teammates the movement and positioning they needed to complete their elims. It’s going to be interesting to see who plays with who in the finals as the trade deadlines approaching.

Another note mentioning is the name changes going on in the qualifiers which is proving to be confusing to some players. In NA-West, rehx, TL Cented, FLY Edgey finished first, however, they had name changes with Mazer Tfue, Mazer Mongraal and Mazer Bugha. This is their 8th first-place finish across all of the cash cups and they’ve won 3 of the 5 FNCS titles. Here are the results for the three popular regions:

NA-East Results Week 5

NA-East Results Week 5

  1. Tfue, Diuqil Adanahk, Liquid Fiber
  2. TSM Zexrow, yung calculator, MackWood1x
  3. SEN Bugha, RS clarity, STRETCH
  4. TSM Cloud, Ghost thwifo, Ghost Snood
  5. Degenerate, Iciev, Frenzy jayth
  6. TF Cole, LZR Legedien, LG Neferux
  7. Nobu Beef, Nobu SilentPow, Nobu Tekichan
  8. Nittle, Casqer, Smqcked
NA-West Results Week 5

NA-West Results Week 5

  1. Mazer Tfue, Mazer Mongraal, Mazer Bugha
  2. Parallel Tyvan, KNG Maken1x, Parallel Frapai
  3. Triggy, Vayne, Harmful
  4. xVerty, BLIX, Lxdesman
  5. 100T Arkhram, Blood Falconer, TSM Vinny
  6. 1400 Rhux, 1400 Pika, 1400 Joel
  7. spookZK, LG Devious, LG frostyZK
  8. S2 chirag, gregorynnivlak, S2 duke
NA-Europe Results Week 5

NA-Europe Results Week 5

  1. FaZe Mongraal, mitr0, NRG Benjyfishy
  2. Fnatic Pr0vokd, COOLER Noward, FaZe Vorwenn
  3. E11 Tschliinken, E11 Stompy, COOLER aqua
  4. G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, Kaxie
  5. MSF Osmo, MSF Kylix, MSF Ares
  6. Eon Redrush, RBK Zyppaan, RBK LeftEye
  7. TSM Crue, LG Beehive, chapix 74
  8. Gambit fwexy, Gambit letw1k3, Secret Domentos

Fortnite Champion Series Week 4 Results

Week 4 saw some familiar faces in the qualifiers as SEN Bugha and gang look to continue placing in the top 8 of the FNCS. Another familiar group is zyfa alongside NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf, who placed 1st weeks before. Here are the results of week 4 in the competitive Fortnite tournament.

NA-East Results Week 4

NA-East Results Week 4

  1. clean tigers, kinghitter69, yoink meister
  2. E11 Grazca, Ajay, E11 daxor
  3. FaZe Megga, Rogue Eclipsae, FaZe Dubs
  4. Ghost Dmo, Ghost Bizzle, HydraFN
  5. SEN Bugha, RS clarityG, Stretch
  6. Zyfa, NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf
  7. Tendons, Nolanlil, SickFN
  8. codgenesis, Ellahi, Shaedess
NA-West Results Week 4

NA-West Results Week 4

  1. CLG Symetrical, NRG EpikWhale, CLG Leno
  2. rehx, TL Cented, FLY Edgey
  3. ThaiTanks, Thomuss, wavyjacob
  4. verrt, Fly Blix, Lxdesman
  5. cloud9 snow, 100T Kyzui, VICAROS
  6. Triggy, Vayne, Harmful
  7. jammyz, Tristan, Hipp, TSM Herrions
  8. Clyfen, Chicken, a zoof
NA-Europe Results Week 4

NA-Europe Results Week 4

  1. FaZe Mongraal, mitr0, NG Benjyfishy
  2. MSF Osmo, MSF Kylix, MSF Ares
  3. elokratz, E11 Klusia, Th0masHD
  4. IDrop1x, BL Flikk, MRG Troqz
  5. G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, Kaxie
  6. Atlantis DEVIL7, LZR Wolfiez, Atlantics Letshe
  7. Gambit fwexY, Gambit letw1k3, Secret Domentos
  8. nikkeva, zemee, Jjesse

FaZe Mongraal and co. have placed 1st place in the FNCS qualifiers for the second time in a row. They are considered one of the best teams in Europe, however, they’ve been filling expectations. Although they have qualified for the FNCS Finals beforehand, they are still looking to solidify their presence in the tournaments.

We’ll look forward to the weekend as Week 5 takes place.

Fortnite Champion Series Week 3 Results

Last week Fortnite esports fans saw some big names qualify for the FNCS finals. Names like Tfue and Cloakzy, Symfuhny, Fortnite World Cup solo winner Bugha and many more. This week we have some new names in week 3 of the FNCS. Here are the teams that qualified for the finals.

NA-East Results Week 3
NA-East Results Week 3
  1. envy bucke, SEN Animal, SEN Aspect
  2. SEN Bugha, RS clarityG, STRETCH
  3. Tempo CizLucky, LiquidChap, LiquidVivid
  4. E11 Grazca, Ajay, E11 daxor
  5. TSM Cloud, Ghost thwifo, Ghost Snood
  6. MSF Clix, LZR Crimz, Spades
  7. Knight, Rogue Shark, Dr Flossen KBM
  8. Ghost Dmo, Ghost Bizzle, HydraFN
NA-West Results Week 3
NA-West Results Week 3
Epic Games
  1. rehx, TL Cented, FLY Edgey
  2. dadeFN, Sogys TV, DomoFN
  3. 100T Arkhram, Bloom Falconer, TSM Vinny1x
  4. 1400 Rhux UwU, 1400 Pika, 1400 Joel
  5. RBK JDW, Zoommba, Yung Chexxy
  6. S2 twunks, aim.nitrix, dice2005x3005
  7. Old Man Fulmer, T1 Persecute, Kytrex
  8. S2 Ethan, KNG Tavern, 4DRStorm
NA-Europe Results Week 3
NA-Europe Results Week 3
  1. E11 Tschiiinken, E11 Stompy, COOLER aqua
  2. FaZe Mongraal, mitr0, NRG Benjyfishy
  3. G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, Kaxie
  4. DV1 luki, Smileyy, artor
  5. Kiryache32, freemok, KongTV
  6. Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato, Solary Nikof
  7. TU Al4n, VHV Edr4k1ll, Bloodx
  8. NoFlex Nate, NoFlex Merijn, NoFlex Nakirye

Check back for next weeks updates.

Fortnite Champion Series Week 2 Results

Week 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series continued with intense action from some of the best in the world. This week have a new set of top 8 qualifying teams that will move to the Finals. Here are your top 8 teams for week 2 from NA-East, NA-West, and Europe.

NA-East Results Week 2
FNCS NA-East Results Week 2
Epic Games
  1. Zyfa, NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf
  2. Clank, KNG Unknown, Posick
  3. Envy Bucke, SEN Animal, CODE SEN-Aspect
  4. Slackes, Symfuhny, Reverse2k
  5. Clkzy, TL 72, Tfue
  6. SEN Bugha, RS clarityG, Stretch
  7. TSM_Zexrow, Yung Calculator, MAckwood1x
  8. FaZe Bini, FaZe Diggy, Hogmanlolz
NA-West Results Week 2

FNCS NA-West Results Week 2

  1. ThaiTanks, Thomuss, wavyjacob
  2. CLG Symetrical, NRG EpikWhale, CLG Leno
  3. c9 Snow, 100T Kyzui, VICAROS
  4. Lanjok, TSM_Kaysid, Tocata
  5. tyvan., maken, Frapai
  6. Caleb, Mazer Unlocalize, Mazer DBree
  7. Synergy Kix, Synergy Garret, Synergy Legend
  8. Love Naga, CoolPenguin48, Voxie
NA-East Europe Week 2
FNCS NA-Europe Results Week 2
  1. FaZe Mongraal, mitr0, NRG benjyfishy
  2. Solary Hunter, LeStream Skite, Solary Kinstaar
  3. RBK Ritz, MSF Endretta, Pate1k,
  4. G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, Kaxie
  5. Xypher Snap, ECV Cazorla, Xypher Phool
  6. Solary Airwaks, LeStream Vato, Solary Nikof
  7. athaim scolly, Bast, Dealersz
  8. PnR, Wave jannisz, LOST Rijasr

Stay tuned for next weeks updates.

Fortnite Champion Series Week 1 Results

Fortnite Champion Series – NA West
Fortnite Champion Series NA West Trios Week 1 Stats and Results FNCS

For the NA West participants, we can see already that there are several known names like the Fortnite World Cup Finalists Arkhram or Falconer. However, amazing performances from Edgey,rehx, and Cented has put the at the top of the leaderboards in week 1 for NA-West. Let us not be too focused on the points they have collected because the points system has changed and now players can earn more points for other objectives than just eliminations.

Fortnite Champion Series – NA East
Esports Fortnite Champion Series NA East Trios Week 1 Stats and Results FNCS

In week one we have seen Bugha’s team, Sentinels, have a mediocre performance; below expectations after their Fortnite World Cup performance. Also, NA East is much more competitive than NA West. We can see that Clix was able to perform much better in this tournament with his partners Crimz and Spades. Clix had a bad performance at the world cup and looks like he got over that tournament.

Fortnite Champion Series – Europe
Fortnite Champion Series Europe Trios Week 1 Stats and Results FNCS

The Fortnite Champion Series European front had some interesting first-week winners. Everybody was expecting Mitr0, Mongraal, and Benjyfishy to win the first-week tournament. However, we can see that the Russian players Domentos,let1wk3 and fwexY were able to outperform them. In the Fortnite World Cup finals, we have seen Mongraal and Mitr0 struggle in Solos, but were able to get a top 10 finish in Duos.

The Fortnite Champion Series will continue every weekend until the 22nd of September where the eligible players will compete in the finals.

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