Fortnite Champion Series – Season X Competitive Tournament

Fortnite Champion Series - Season X Competitive Tournament
  • Epic Games is introducing the Fortnite Champion Series in Season X, a continuation of Fortnite esports. There will be in-game tournaments that players can track leaderboard to track their progress.

Fortnite Champion Series

The Fortnite World Cup was a huge success. Millions of players around the world participated and played in weekly qualifiers to make it to the world cup finals. After many months, the finals ended with Bugha winning solos. It was one of the biggest esports events this year, and Fortnite isn’t going to stop there. With the introduction of Season X, Epic Games is continuing competitive Fortnite by introducing the Champion Series.

The inaugural Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) will have a leaderboard for players to keep track of the Seasonal Champion in each region. The mode for the FNCS will be trios only which starts August 23.

When Does The Fortnite Champion Series Start?

Season X’s Champion Series will start on August 17. It will go on for five weeks. Teams will battle for prize pools every Saturday and Sunday. There will be a “Season X Championship” that players can qualify for at the end of the series. Only the best teams in Fortnite will participate in the finals on September 20, 21 and 22. The winner will be crowned the Season X Champion.

What is the Fortnite Champion Series Prize?

Every event will have its own prize pool. The Fortnite website stats that there will be millions of dollars in prizes to be won during the first catch of FCS. ESPN reported that total competitive payout will be more than $10 million dollars for all competitions (regions). Last month, Bugha was crowned the Fortnite World Cup champion, winning $3 million dollars, the most won by any esports player.

How to Compete in the Fortnite Champion Series? (FNCS)

For those who are looking to take part in this new competitive Fortnite tournament will need to participate on Wednesdays and Thursdays (starting Aug.21) where Epic Games will host single day Solo Cash Cups. The Wednesday events are opened for anyone who is at the Contender level or above in Arena. For the Thursday cup events, players need to have Champion status.

Epic Games mentioned that they will have more practice opportunities and prizes up for grabs in Solos and Trios cash cups (starting Aug 17th). Every week the rules will be made available for the following weeks.

Breakdown of Fortnite Champion Series Format and Layout

  • $10,000,000 and more in prizing
  • Trios mode only
  • Individual prize pools each weekend. Chances to qualify for the Season X Championship as well
  • Best teams in each server region battle on September 20 to 22nd.
  • 2 Factor Authentication is required to participate in the esports events.

For more information on 2FA, please visit:

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