Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 – Season 2 [FNCS]

Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 - Season 2 [FNCS]

The next chapter in Fortnite esports will be the return of the Fortnite Champion Series. The FNCS are weekly events that happen online and anyone can participate. Last year, the FNCS was held during Season X, the last season in Fortnite Chapter 1. The events were based on trios. Teams competed in groups of three for a weekly prize, as well as to qualify for the finals. This year will be a little different. Instead of trios, the weekly events will only be for duos. Traditionally, having duos makes sense as many major Fortnite esports events are either for singles or duos.

When does the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 Start?

The FNCS will begin on March 20th and is opened to any players that reached the Champions League in “Arena” and enabled two-factor authentication on their accounts. Training simulations will begin today till March 15th.

Two Tournaments

This season, there will only be two tournaments; one for PC players and one for console/mobile players. Both tournaments will hold the same prize pools each week, as well as the semi-finals and finals. FCNS Duos can only be formed on the same player; for example, both players can only be on PS4.

FNCS Regions

There will be seven regions that players can compete in depending on their location:

  • North American East
  • North America West
  • Europ
  • Oceania
  • Brazil
  • Asia Middle East

Weekly event prizes are different for each region which can all be found here.

Series Point Scoring System

The weekly events will be awarded points in the following system:

1st Place – 500 Series Points
2nd Place – 476 Series Points
3rd Place – 452 Series Points
4th Place – 428 Series Points
5th Place – 408 Series Points
6th Place – 386 Series Points
7th Place – 368 Series Points
8th Place – 350 Series Points
9th Place – 332 Series Points
10th Place – 316 Series Points
11th-15th Place – 300 Series Points
16th-20th Place – 284 Series Points
21st-25th Place – 270 Series Points
26th-50th Place – 244 Series Points
51st-75th Place – 218 Series Points
76th-100th Place – 196 Series Points
101st-125th Place – 178 Series Points
126th-150th Place – 160 Series Points
151st-175th Place – 144 Series Points
176st-200th Place – 130 Series Points
201st-250th Place – 110 Series Points
251st-400th Place – 94 Series Points
401st-1000th Place – 70 Series Points
1001st-1500th Place – 52 Series Points
1501st-2000th Place – 40 Series Points
2001st-3000th Place – 30 Series Points
3001st-5000th Place – 22 Series Points
5001st-10000th Place – 16 Series Points

Prizes will be done in 2 stages: stage 1 is entry prizes and Stage 2 consists of the season finals event which equals big money. For full details on how you can compete in the weekly FNCS, please visit the official rules site here.

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