Top Fortnite Bugs. Exploits and Glitches That Need Patching

Fortnite Bugs Exploits Glitches That Need Patching

Here is a list of New Fortnite glitches and exploits are becoming a rising problem as the list of major issues is beginning to pile up.

Without a doubt, Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most updated and cared for games on the market. The game mechanics itself is generally bug-free, however in recent weeks, players have been finding a ton of new bugs after the game’s recent updates. The problem looks like it lies with the update schedule. There are so many new items coming in without live test servers open to the public. Fortnite Battle Royale ‘s closest rival is PUBG and, although much less frequently updated, they have a test server. Some of the bugs are game breaking while others are only situational. Here is the current list of major Fortnite bugs

Sneaky Snowman Bug

The Sneaky Snowman glitch is the newest bug in the game and arguably the biggest that needs fixing. The snowman glitch allows players to use disguise while being able to use weapons and build. Although not practical because there is visual obstruction, the 100HP shield does cater an unfair advantage. There are multiple ways of activating the glitch, using a turret or wall.


The Rocket Launcher Bug

Fortnite Rocket Launcher Glitch

This Rocket Launcher bug has had different variations over time and seems to continue to creep back into Fortnite after updates. The exploit is mentioned by u/PreyBeats on Reddit. The bug involves a player standing on one side of a pyramid while rocketing the other side of  the pyramid. If done correctly the player will sustain no damage after the rocket explodes. One of the drawbacks of using the Rocket Launcher in close quarters is, one small mistake with the launch angle and the players is killed. This RPG bug needs to be assessed fairly quickly.

You can check the exploit here.


Fortnite Heavy Shotgun Glitch

The Heavy Shotgun is bar none one of the most dangerous weapons in the game. This shotgun glitch is not as common as some of the other ones that need fixing, however it still causes a major disadvantage. Reddit poster  u/Airaga found posted the bug. Apparently, in close quarters, a heavy shotgun barrel can pass through some parts of a wall. Airaga tried to replicate the glitch and he was successful. A fix for this exploit should not be over complicated as there have been many wall hacks patched up fairly quickly.

You can check it here.

Epic Games will certainly try to tackle these Fortnite bugs and exploits after they catch wind of them.

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