Fortnite Bottle Rockets Incoming With Foraged Campfire

fortnite battle rockets

Fortnite Battle Royale introduces Bottle Rockets and the Foraged Campfire, here is what we know.

Fortnite Battle Royale had the first virtual concert in the history of video games in February 2019. The event was a huge success among fans of the game. Epic Games  is constantly trying to improve the game. The hottest topic is Season 7’s mystery Fire King. Stages to unlock the Prisoner warrior are under way and as we mentioned, the next stage has to do with campfires. The release of foraged campfires makes perfect sense as the next part of the challenge.

fortnite foraged campfire

The latest introductions to the game is the Chiller Grenade and the Sneaky Snowman. Sneaky Snowman was a new approach to disguise items in the game. The recent additions and vaulted items changed the game considerably. Fortnite Battle Royale will soon be getting Bottle Rockets and the Foraged Campfire.

The Bottle Rockets are the most interesting addition. It has a base structure so expect it to work as a trap like the mounted turret. When we consider an item like Mounted Turret we are surely looking to an item which will cause a lot of controversies. The Mounted Turret is one of those items in the game that most of the player base want out.

The Foraged Campfire is the other addition. As shown above, the campfires are already spread across the map. There are over 10 campfire locations. This should be a simple tweak to have them light up and heal, however there is no word if the fire remains or burns out.

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