Fortnite Battle Royale Fan Theory for Season 8

Fortnite theories

Fortnite has a crazy fan theory buzzing for Season 8

Like every other game that has a seasonal basis Fortnite also has fan making theories on it. These theories come from what is happening on the current season and what we might expect to happen for the next season.

Fortnite is known for changing its map in such a drastic way that it can offer players a virtually brand new map. When Season 7 was approaching there was also many fan-made theories that were very accurate. The new theory makes it way around the Ice melting at the end of Season 7. Let’s take a look at it.

The Theory

Reddit user SneakyParagon is the creator behind the theory. With Polar Peak already melting players had access to the Infinity Blade and revealing the Castle beneath it . SneakyParagon suggests that the water might make way for a new underwater theme. He is backing up his theory with current facts.

Fortnite theories
Source: TheAtlanticCraft
Fortnite Partnership with Subnautica

Fortnite Battle Royale developer Epic Games recently opened a game store called the Epic Games Store. The store offers a new game every 2 weeks, with the first game being Subnautica. Winner of The Game of The Year in Golden Joystick awards, Subnautica is an underwater themed survival game. This is one of the facts according to  SneakyParagon.

source: Steam
Season Pass Items

Fortnite Battle Royale have Easter Eggs that are sought out by some of the hardcore fans. They include clues and fun stuff added by the developers. In this Season’s Pass, there are some items with aquatic themes. These items in a sense have nothing to do with Ice or Snow they are simply aquatic themed items. This is another fact according to SneakyParagon.

Sun Dial Near Fatal Fields

The sundial near Fatal Fields is said to be another clue by the SneakyParagon. Two clues with one showing the major events of Season 7 and the other one is a heat rising up and melting the Ice. This might come as also the desert biome taken out of the game and some parts of the map becoming underwater with the next season.

desert biome
source: reddit

We do not know for certain what Epic Games have in development for Season 8. But the theory made by SneakyParagon makes sense.

The full theory can be read here.

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