Fortnite Avengers EndGame Crossover

Fortnite Avengers EndGame Crossover Battle Royale
Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale will collaborate with Marvel Universe again. How will the event unfold? We share our thoughts in this article.

Fortnite Avengers EndGame Crossover

Fortnite Battle Royale had many unique events in the past year. Recently players enjoyed a live mini-concert from Marshmello. This was a first in the gaming industry as all players could go into the game and walk to Pleasant Park and enjoy the concert (hosted by Marshmello). However, there was one event that we all enjoyed much more and that was the Infinity Gauntlet LTM. This amazing game mode gave players to be Thanos. Players enjoyed trying to kill Thanos and be him. It was incredibly fun and made headway all over social media.

However, this event was a Limited time mode. Due to how limited the event was, many players didn’t even had to chance to be Thanos. But today we have learned that Fortnite and Avengers EndGame will have another crossover on the 25th of April. Of course, Epic Games is trying to meet time the release of this game mode to the actual release of the movie this Thursday.

How Will the Event Turn Out?

We can deduce some things from the poster. The motto is ” Whatever it takes“. The axe is, as most of us know, belongs to Thor. *SPOILER BELOW*

Last warning!

Thor’s hammer was destroyed by his sister in the last movie. Therefore, he needed a new weapon, so they forged a new weapon with the help of a dwarf and Groot, who created the handle of it. The new weapon is called Stormbreaker. But from this poster, we cannot deduce more. However, players probably will have the ability to play as Thor. In regards to the other characters from the movie? We’re not so sure. But, perhaps we can expect a little more than just a new character in the new game mode considering Fortnite’s massive success, and also the success of the last LTM. Epic Games likes to top themselves, so it will be interesting how the mode will turn out.

This will be the last time we will see a Marvel Universe movie, and Fortnite Avengers EndGame crossover sure looks like fun.

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