Amazing Fortnite Aim Training Map Island Code

Fortnite Aim Training Map Code To Improve Your Aim

The Fortnite God aim station used by professional player Tfue will improve your aim from all ranges. Here is the aim training map code and how to use it. 

New map creations are exploding in popularity as players keep adding new and exciting content. Although some players use them for entertainment, such as the death runs, others look for a simple solution to help improve their aim. Many popular aim simulators are available via internet browsers but they don’t compare to a real Fortnite experience. Here is a look at one of the best to help with your aim.

Youtuber Beaks and his crew have created a 5 star Fortnite aim training map that is easy to use and extremely useful. Even Fortnite pros like Tfue frequent the map to practice his aim before jumping into games. The map is very simple with a ton of standing and moving targets. Pick from either two indoor target stations or a longer outdoor shooting range. Here is a look at the Frotnite aim training map and the code to access it.

Fortnite Aim Training Map

The map is great because it’s right to the point. First, players spawn with 4 llamas which yield all epic weapon variations.

Gold Weapon Loot Aim training map
Equip Your Favorite Loadout

There are 2 indoor firing ranges and 1 outdoor long range all in walking distance. Targets move in different speeds and directions.

Fortnite Aim Training station
3 different Aim training stations to choose from.
Fortnite Aim Training Map Code

As with every creative map, this aim training map is available for both PC and Console players.

Use Map Code: 1624-1148-8943 in Creative game mode to access the island.

Tfue Using Fortnite Aim Training Map

The map was released at the end of March and Tfue got a wind of it and has been using it ever since. Here is a quick look at Tfue testing all 3 aiming stations with an epic Scar. When Tfue says he is impressed with it, then you know the training map is a perfect asset for players who want to improve their aim.

For those looking for a complete walk though of the map, creator Beaks has a video explaining how it was created, demonstrating the different targets and stations. Beaks Video link

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