Fornite Esports – Grizzlys Announce New Team

Fornite Esports - Grizzlys Announce New Team Montreal
Image source: Epic Games

Grizzlys have announced their newly formed Fortnite Esports team which was mentioned two days ago. Fortnite Esports is finally here, and many teams are scrambling to put a solid team together. They will all be competing for a $100 million dollar prize pool (total season).

Fornite Esports – Grizzlys Announce New Team

Fortnite Esports is pretty wild. With a total season prize pool of $100,000,000, Epic Games’ esports section says, “Anyone can participate, anyone can win. It’s a time to party up and boogie down with the greatest Fortnite players in the world.” Esports teams have been issuing tryouts for their Fortnite divisions, and one of those teams are Montreal’s new esports organization called “Grizzlys Esports”.

Who are the Grizzlys
MTL Esports Montreal Georges St-Pierre Gaming Fortnite Office Grizzlys
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The Grizzyls are a new esports organization backed by one of the best UFC fighters in the history of the sport, Georges St-Pierre. He’s the owner of both the Grizzlys and MTL Esports; a gaming  academy where their mission is to “unify the Canadian esports scene by combining three distinct aspects of the industry under one main organization : a talent agency for players, a professional team and an online channel to broadcast shows and events“. He’s very hands on with the Grizzlys, giving help where it’s needed in regards to focus and competitive psychology.

New Fortnite Esports Team

The Grizzlys currently have many game divisions:

  • CS:GO
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone
  • Street Fighter V
  • Super Smash Bros 4
  • League of Legends

They’ve just announced their new Rainbow 6 Siege Team last month. Added to that now is a new Fortnite team. Grizzlys Esports mentioned in a tweet on Dec 21st that they’ve finally put a competitive team together.

In the tweet, the Grizzlys say that “We’ve gone through a rough try outs to complete our #GRZFN roster“.  Many local gamers are always curious how they can tryout for the team as there’s a big demand for professional gaming in Montreal. In the Grizzlys’ FAQ, they state that:

“If you are a solo player, please refer to our Discord channel, where you can find teammates. Just post in the free-agent channel to get started!”

The FAQ seems to not have been updated for quite sometime as the Discord link is broken. The new Grizzlys Esports Fornite team consists of five young players:

  1. Maxime “POTG” Aniorte (@GRZ_POTG)
  2. William “Wcarey” Carey (@wCarey_)
  3. Mathieu “Mercy” Chabot-Knight (@Mercyfps_)
  4. Samuel “Guzzer” Bilodeau (@GuzzerFN)
  5. Cedric “Sharked” Yergeau (@cedcod)

Out of all the Twitter accounts, Cedric is laying low as he doesn’t have much history on it. The rest of the player have all retweeted Grizzlys Esports announcement of the new team on Twitter and are pumped to be moving forward with the organization. The young line-up will be looking to compete in upcoming Fortnite Esports events and we’re excited to see how this group of young Fortnite players will do in Fortnite Esports events.


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