FNCS Asia Winner Was Banned For Cheating

FNCS Asia Winner Got Banned For Cheating
  • Fortnite Champion Series ended on a sour note with the winner of the series in Asia caught cheating during the tournament.

Cheating is one of the biggest problems in the gaming world. Since games have become more competitive, we started to see an influx of cheating in nearly all competitive games. Also, when we combine this with the rise of esports, cheating is becoming an epidemic. There are all kinds of cheating; we know that some players are using some programs such as aimbot to get an edge over the competition. However, there is also another form of cheating that is widely unknown and that is “teaming up”. Teaming up became a problem with Battle Royale games. Since nearly 100 players jump and the winner takes all, even if one of them is helping you, you will stand a greater chance. This is what happened in the FNCS final week in Fortnite.

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FNCS is one of the major Fortnite tournaments with 2 million USD prize money. Players from all over the world can participate in this tournament in their regions. In most regions things were quite good, however, in the Asian region, we have seen one of the biggest scandals for the Fortnite Champion Series. The tournament was concluded when suddenly the winner of the tournament Sekosama from Japan was banned by Epic Games officials. Sekosama had 205 points under his name. However, some viewers noticed something strange about his behavior during the match. Sekosama was in fact teaming up with another player during these 12 matches.

Another player was dropping medkits in various locations and feeding kills to Sekosama. Of course, players noticed this after some time and they started to question what was going on. After the tournament was done. Sekosam was removed from his position and was given a permanent ban. However, later his ban dropped to 14 days. This sparked a furious backlash from the community as 14 days was too short for cheating on a major tournament and none the less the winner was cheating. We have seen cheating problems recently in Fortnite and Apex Legends. For example not long ago FaZe Clan player Dubs was accused of teaming up with Waffles. Also the top 2 ranked players in Apex Legends caught for teaming up with other teams in order to keep their rank.

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