This FaZe Cloakzy Insane Sniper Shot Will Leave You Satisfied

FaZe Cloakzy Insane Sniper Shot Will Leave You Satisfied
  • Cloakzy is a top Fortnite Battle Royale player, and he shows his skills by pulling off a very satisfying shot. Check out the video below.
Best duo in Fortnite?

Two of the best Fortnite players for FaZe Clan are Tfue and Cloakzy. Both are popular streamers as well, having millions of followers combined. Tfue is currently #2 for most Twitch followers. Both streamers play with each other more often than not, and rightfully so as they are both in the same esports organization. They not only stream their Fortnite duo games but also participate in Fortnite competitive play. Cloakzy and Tfue are one of the deadliest duos in the game.

FaZe Cloakzy Insane Sniper Shot Will Leave You Satisfied

In Cloakzy’s recent Fortnite stream, he was actually playing with someone other than Tfue, which is not seen too often. Typically when one of the other is not on, they team up with other popular streamers in the community. This time, Cloakzy was playing with DrLupo, another famous Fortnite streamer. DrLupo is actually #10 overall in Twitch followers and he’s incredibly good at the game; some saying one of the most intelligent players around.

During the match, both Cloakzy and DrLupo were nearing the inner circle when this happened.

FaZe Cloakzy noticed someone in one of the air blimps and quickly pulled out his sniper rifle and fired. The way the sniper rifles work in Fortnite is if you’re shooting long distances, you’ll need to fire in the empty spot in front of the enemy. Although long-distance snipes have been done before, the way that Cloakzy did it in this clip was with finesse, and almost robotic-like.

He fired the bullet in front of the enemy jumping off the air blimp and got him perfectly, knocking off his shield with 150 points. It was so good that not even Cloakzy believed it. DrLupo could be heard saying “you hit that? Oh my god! I looked back and saw the shield break. You’re an animal“. When Cloakzy is on his game, he’s one of the most lethal players around and seeing this shot definitely left us satisfied.

FaZe Cloakzy Hits Insane Sniper Shot Distance with DrLupo

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