Fans Asking For The Old Ninja

old ninja
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Fortnite streamer Tyler”Ninja” Blevins responds to his fans when they ask for the Old Ninja back

The topic is coming from a point of view that Ninja is losing his excitement for the game and cannot entertain his fans anymore. Ninja’s popularity has started to dip during over the past 2-3 months

Signs can be seen when he won the Content Creator of the Year Award, mostly due to his fan base, and did not even thank them. Most of his fans are accusing him of losing his excitement during streams and being too calm.


Let’s be honest with the facts, in the world of streaming, being a very good player while being entertaining is a must. For Ninja fans, him dying to a stream sniper and putting on a small rage is what most of them miss. Some fans suggest that Tyler is declining because of  his lack of entertainment.

Needless to say Ninja has done an amazing job turning his stream and brand into family friendly content. No cursing, no negative vibes and pretty much always showing a positive upbeat attitude. However, as his fan base grows, demand is changing.

Let us roll back the clock to December 2017. We can pretty much count on two hands how many Fortnite streamers were household names. On Youtube, even before Nick eh 30, we had Avxry. On Twitch it was Myth and Ninja,  labelled the two best players in the world. As Fortnite grew in popularity, other streamers built their fan bases. The Fortnite audience started tuning in to new streamers because each have their own type of unique entertainment.

The Rise of Tfue

A perfect example is if Ninja is not streaming and you notice TFUE is Live.

Tuning in to watch TFUE is a complete different form of entertainment. Arguably the best player in the world, Tfues’s form of entertainment is the complete opposite of Ninja’s. Cursing and complaining is what you get watching tfue, a bad boy stream sort of say.  But his skill set is what keeps us coming back for more. You just cannot get enough of it. Can all these new streamers be affecting Ninja’s popularity? It was hard to say before but it’s pretty clear now that, YES, there are so many big names to follow, that Ninja is no longer on an island anymore.

Ninja’s Response

Tyler responded to the “Old Ninja” theory by saying ”Let me be perfectly clear I am the same person. I am just as excited and freak out just as much. ”Old” Ninja the only difference is that If I died I would not swear out loud. That is it. I am the same person; I just do not swear. And guess what when I freaked out one time. I got two people freaked out on Reddit and roasted me. So I cannot do that anymore.”

Ninja’s response is spot on. In 2016, Ninja had 170,000 followers, fast forward to now, that number is over 12 million. It’s impossible to make everyone happy at the same time. Ninja is sticking to a blueprint that helped him grow to where he is today.

His “family oriented” approach is what has helped him strike big brand contracts so why change? If Subway is going to make a commercial do you think they want Ninja or Tfue? Good guy or bad guy? The answer is simple.

Here is the clip of Ninja responding to the old Ninja remarks:



Stay tuned for more Fortnite news.

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