ESL Katowice Royale Has The Makings To Become The Best Fortnite Tournament Ever

Katowice Royale Roster the best Fortnite Tournament Ever

The 2019 IEM Katowice Expo will be hosting the first ever ESL / Epic Games Fortnite tournament with the most competitive player lineup ever seen.

The Katowice ESL Event is known worldwide. The tournament always features big titles like Dota 2, CS:GO and Starcraft 2. This year, Epic Games is teaming with ESL to present the Katowice Royale a $600,000 USD international duo event.

The tournament will be held over two weekends. The first event, will the Polish Edition, Polish players only, on Febuary 23-24. The prize pool for the Polish Edition is $100,000USD.

The second leg of the event, the International, is scheduled for March 1-3, with a $500,000USD prize pool.

Why ESL Katowice Royale is primed for greatness

While fans have been treated to great Fortnite tournaments in 2018, almost all of them have been on an online basis. Moreover, almost all tournaments are split into two sections. A NA tournament and a EU tournament. This makes perfect sense because at the current moment, it would be impossible to have both continents face each other online with servers based in a neutral location.

Fall Skirmish Winners Tfue and Cloak set to compete at Katowice Royale
tfue Cloak Fall Skirmish Winners

The first true test of international play was the conclusion of the Fall Skirmish, hosted at TwitchCon in San Jose California. Although it was lan based, many European teams opted out and some even missed flights. North America dominated the finals with FaZe Clan’s, Tfue and Cloak taking first place.

Many smaller EU organizations do not yet travel to oversea events and TwitchCon was a big stretch for smaller teams with no guaranteed money in play. Many players must pay for their own plane tickets and accommodations.

Home Soil
Solary Kinstaar and Hunter Katowice Royale
Kinstaar – Hunter representing Solary

This time around, its North America’s turn to travel and adapt to jet lag and unfamiliar surroundings. Besides the pro-ams and some celebrity events, not many North American Fortnite players have any experience playing LAN events on a different continent. The Katowice Royale will be the perfect chance for Europe to flex it muscles on the Fortnite scene. This is also a great taste of what to expect leading up to the Worlds later this year. How will the North American’s perform in a hostile environment.

The Roster Breakdown

ESL has confirmed the following duos, and will be adding to the list as we get closer:

Team #1 72hours / Chap
Team #2 Teeqz / Mushway
Team #3 Boyerxd / Crippa
Team #4 Vato / Skite
Team #5 Kinstaar / Hunter
Team #6 TheVic / Blaxou
Team #7 RazZzero0o / Code_x8
Team #8 Mitr0 / Khuna
Team #9 Tfue / Cloak
Team #10 Mirwana / Inclyde
Team #11 Nate Hill / FunkaBomb
Team #12 Sak0ner / Skram
Team #13 Vivid / Poach
Team #14 Bizzle / Dmo
Team #15 ZexRow / Vinny1x
Team #16 Nero / Taiovsky
Team #17 Sk1x / Hoopek
Team #18 7ssk7 / Jamside
Team #19 Issa / Kamo
Team #20 Motor / ErycTriceps
Team #21 Fwexy / Domentos
Team #22 Noward / Ares
Team #23 itemm / Tommo
Team #24 Marcos / Ryux
Team #25 Bloodx / Zyppaan
Team #26 M11Z / JuleZ
Team #27 xlsma / Lolito
Team #28 Keolys / Maxalibur
Team #29 Jestem Zeek / Povity
Team #30 Pow3r / Jarl
Team #31 Beehive / Coffeh
Team #32 Madzen / Seth
Team #33 Stompy / Tschinken
Team #34 Saf / Zayt
Team #35 Magin / Juganza

Team #36 Histtory / Faah
Team #37 Aydan / Nickmercs
Team #38 X2 Jesse / X2 Jordan
Team #39 Envy / Sinooh
Team #40 Provokd / Tuckz
Team #41 Animal / Aspect
Team #42 Aimhero_0 / Faxfox
Team #43 XXM / Xmende
Team #44 Lil Jay / Zero7
Team #45 Villex / K1nzell
Team #46 Rizart / Crazy Llama
Team #47 Windwalker / Viallinen
Team #48 Alphaamons / Bowman
Team #49 Myth / Cloud

Although ESL has confirmed the rosters, there is no doubt that the EU side is top heavy with only 10 squads representing NA. Even a short handed NA are extremely strong, with the ESL including by far the best players in the world.

The EU side will have Solary and LeStream, who did not participate at TwitchCon. They send their best in, Kinstaar – Hunter and Skite – Vato. Rounding off the EU side of things, Atlantis has two sets of duos. Magin – Juganza, join teammates Mitr0 – Khuna, who had a strong outing at TwitchCon.

Best Odds

Without a doubt, Tfue – Cloak are the clear favorites heading in. Tfue has proved he can travel across the world and perform at the highest level. While Cloak brings MVP status to every tournament, as he displayed at TwitchCon. Although, Katowice Royale is the complete opposite of TwitchCon, with NA under-teamed, there is no doubt that they have the best duos heading over. On the EU side, Atlantis and Solary can be placed into the favorites bracket.

The Katowice Royale is set to be the best tournament Fortnite fans have ever seen. Every star will attend, and ESL, who knows how to host, will surely have a spectacular event in play.

The full tournament statement can be viewed from here.

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